4 Stunning Walk In Wardrobe Ideas For Your Bedroom

A custom walk in wardrobe can be one of the most popular, and personal places in your home. For many of our Brisbane clients, it’s a place where they go to dress up, dress down and take time out to prepare for their day.

But what kind of walk in wardrobe would suit your bedroom and lifestyle best? If you prefer simplicity, you could get a neat and functional design for storing your clothes, jewellery and belongings. If you prefer something more spectacular, you really can have a stunning room with luxurious features that looks like it belongs in celebrities home. The design of your walk in wardrobe is completely up to you, and to help get the creativeness flowing with designs you’ll love, here are 4 top tips for any custom walk in wardrobe.

1. Choosing Your Walk In Wardrobe Colours

Starting with the basics, the colour of your walk in wardrobe will be a major factor in the mood of your space. Now while there are practically endless options, the basics can often work best in a walk in wardrobe. For example, white is the brightest and most reflective colour and it helps turn a dark room into a vibrant space if your wardrobe is not able to capture the Brisbane sun. White can also provide the best backdrop for making your clothes the focus of the room.

Some of our gentlemen clients however, prefer darker colours, and these can work equally well as long as there’s natural light or good lighting installed. Wood-stained brown, dark green, black and burgundy, colours that create a feel that’s reminiscent of a London tailor shop and perfect for displaying a suit and tie collection.

With whatever base colour you choose, we’d always suggest considering a splash or two of colour to your walk in wardrobe too, be it a feature wall or some eye-popping furniture.  If you are building a larger wardrobe, ladies might like a single neon pink chair or a bright orange stool to highlight and complement a colourful collection. Men may like a single leather chair to rival any whisky bar.

2. Selecting Your Accessory Displays

If you have a fabulous collection of jewellery, watches, shoes and ties, it would be a shame to keep them hidden in a drawer. Why not install some custom displays to help showcase your collection?

Retail style glass cases with internal lighting are perfect for displaying jewellery and watches. Shoe racks are both stylish and space saving, meaning you don’t have to go searching through dozens of boxes looking for the right pair to match your outfit. Open bookcases can be used to display almost anything, from bags and hats to artwork and family photos. Even a mannequin can be great for displaying your favourite outfit in a unique and eye-catching way.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, just contact our friendly team https://www.lifestylewardrobesqld.com.au/contact-us/ or consider visiting some of Brisbane’s popular designer boutiques and department stores. Look at how they display their products and think about how you could incorporate their concepts into your own walk in wardrobe.

3. Choosing The Right Mirrors And Lighting

Mirrors are a must in any walk in wardrobe, not just for fitting and make-up, they can also be attached to doors and walls to make your space seem much more spacious than it actually is. Installing a mirrored back on open shelves is a great way to help light displays, and a free standing floor mirror can be both functional and stylish.

When considering mirrors, it’s important to also think about lighting. In a walk in wardrobe, you don’t have to stick with traditional ceiling lighting.

Focused downlights can help highlight the centrepieces in your wardrobes, such as a chaise lounge or bench. Track lighting can be used to highlight shelves and dimmers can be used to help contrast spaces and small corners. Brisbane’s magnificent natural lighting from windows or skylights is also a great way to bring out the natural highlights of your walk in wardrobe, especially if it is stained wood.

If you’d prefer something warmer than traditional fluorescent lighting, combining low wattage directional lighting with a warm, natural colour tone can help create a cosy atmosphere with a pleasant glow.

4. A Boutique Dressing Table And Seating

If you have the room, you could consider installing a built-in dressing table that can turn a walk in wardrobe from a storage area into a proper dressing room. Your gorgeous dressing table would simply need a countertop, a mirror, some dedicated lighting,  drawers to store your makeup and a unique stool or chair.

A walk in wardrobe with a dressing table is not only stylish; it’s truly practical. Having a dressing table into your wardrobe can free up space in your bedroom while giving you an extra level of privacy as you get ready for work, or a night on the town.

With any larger walk in wardrobe, it is always nice to have somewhere to sit, and an ottoman is a good choice for any sized walk in wardrobe. You can sit down when you’re changing shoes or socks, and you can lay clothes on it when deciding on the perfect outfit. A long bench can also perfectly suit narrow wardrobes, a window seat can be a cozy choice for wardrobes with large windows, and island storage can easily be extended to include a small seat. With the addition of some internal compartments, seating such as ottomans and benches can double as storage.

Don’t forget however to keep thinking about the colour and style that reflects your personality, this alone can make your walk in wardrobe that more special and impressive when you show it off to guests!

Chat To Brisbane’s Walk In Wardrobe Experts

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