Modern trends for storage in 2022

These are times of big changes for most people out there. Because of the current state of affairs in the world, many people have had to move, or are currently planning to relocate, at least temporarily, to another place. Whether you are rethinking your situation or looking for permanent storage solutions, there are many ways to go about it. Keep reading in order to learn more about some of the best modern trends for storage in 2022.

Storage units.

Storage units are becoming increasingly popular. This is especially true in big cities and major metropolitan areas, where people are actually limited in terms of the space that they can sacrifice in their homes only for storage purposes. If you have ever rented an apartment in Sydney or Melbourne, you probably know what I am talking about! Storage units are becoming increasingly more widespread and, as a result, more affordable. The most respectable companies out there are able to provide safety and flexibility while also allowing people to manage their items more flexibly, with storage units that are easy to access.

Private rentals.

The idea of renting out spaces for storage purposes is definitely not new, but it is quickly gaining momentum, especially in places where basements, attics, granny flats and other arrangements come cheap. As the name might suggest, this trend is all about renting or buying a space almost exclusively for storing things outside of the household. In some cases, this might make more sense than paying for a storage unit, especially if you are planning on very long-term storage, which can be quite costly through the span of several years. The downside is that you are also going to be somewhat responsible for the safety of your items since there is no infrastructure like what you would expect from professional storage unit providers.

Get your space organised.

Many people still prefer to store most of their items t home. However, one of the biggest trends that we have been experiencing as of late is a willingness to rethink one’s space and organisation. In some cases, we might think that we simply do not have the space that is required to store all of our items. You’d actually be really surprised to experience just how much it is actually possible to store if you take some time planning. There are many unique tools, pieces of furniture and implements that can make home storage more seamless. For instance, closet organisers are incredibly handy, and they can allow you to make the most out of a small space. Closet storage add-ons are also becoming more and more popular, while there are plenty of products out there that are specifically designed to take advantage of narrower spaces, such as the empty gap under a couch or the space that’s under beds.

Garage storage.

This is kind of a staple, and it won’t go away anytime soon, as trends have been suggesting for some time to come. It’s possible to turn a garage into a very effective and well-organised storage space for your home. One of the downsides is that you might be limited to the kind of things that you can store due to the fluctuating and often not climate-controlled temperature in a garage situation. Some wooden furniture or musical instrument might warp in the long run, for instance.

These are only some of the many trends that we expect to see in 2022 in terms of storage. Whether you prefer to keep your things at home as much as possible or rely on external solutions, anything goes.

Six storage solutions to help remove the clutter

Clutter, mess, chaos. Just mentioning these words is enough to make many heads ache and drive anxiety through the roof! The good news? You don’t need to feel so worried and distressed about dealing with a cluttered home. Getting rid of the mess is often a lot easier than you might think. The only caveat is that you need to put a little time into it, and you need to make sure you think carefully about how you organise your space. Keep reading to learn more about six clever storage solutions that will help you remove that fearful clutter, once and for all!

1. Don’t underestimate drawer space.

Drawers are often misused, with people cramming as many things they can fit without considering the organisation of the drawer internally. You can remedy this by installing a tray or creating compartments to organise how the drawer holds its content internally. You’ll be amazed at how much space you’ll be able to save by simply thinking more about what you want to do!

2. Fold clothes properly.

Believe it or not, clothing and accessories are often the culprits when it comes to excessive clutter. Folding them the right way can be an amazing way to free up space. For instance, the popular folding method made famous by Marie Kondo is truly effective, and it can dramatically increase your available space.

3. Organise your items by type and size.

Instead of randomly ramming your things wherever you find the room, try and get organised by considering a different approach. Divide your items by type and size and organise them accordingly for more flexibility.

4. Use space behind your doors.

The spaces behind doors are seldom utilised for storage, but it can definitely be a great idea. There are many products that are available as door storage solutions, especially those fabrics that are hung on the door and will have various “pockets” to hold different items.

5. Take advantage of the “low” and “hidden” spaces

That gap under your furniture, the space under your bed or the legroom under your couch is often destined to be empty spaces. However, they can serve as fantastic places where to store things. You could purchase a flat box or container specifically made for this purpose. This solution is actually perfect for storing things such as documents or even smaller clothing items like socks.

6. Don’t be afraid to purge.

Last but definitely not least, it might be time to simply get rid of some of the things that you have lying around if you are serious about decluttering your home. Getting rid of stuff is not always easy, as many of us have a compulsion to hold on to things. What if I need it someday? What If I can give it away to someone who might use it later? There are so many ways in which we can convince ourselves not to throw things away, even if we never actually use them. Take a deep breath, get rid of some of your things and make sure that you can truly benefit from the space you save. If you are worried that you are losing value by getting rid of things, just remember this: the value you’ll get from a clutter-free home is essentially an investment in peace of mind and a better lifestyle that is more conducive to productivity and positivity.

These six tips are only the start: get creative and don’t be afraid to think outside the box (no pun intended) to improve storage and remove clutter.

Internal Design of a Wardrobe

Internal Design Options For Your Wardrobe

It is essential to organise your storage space so that it suits your needs and lifestyle. However, so many people overlook the importance of designing their wardrobe. Even if the rest of your home is spotlessly clean and tidy, the home isn’t clean and tidy unless the wardrobes are. Most people think that if mess is out of sight then it’s out of mind, and often tidying the house means cramming everything into the closest wardrobe. Having this attitude will surely have consequences when you need to access something you put away during a home cleanup. A solution to this issue is to install a new, custom-built wardrobe with sufficient storage capacity, improved accessibility and a clean, attractive look. However, if you don’t have too much stuff, then designing your wardrobe to suit your needs is a great way to go. This involves getting clever with your wardrobe layout and accessories.

Continue reading to discover practical and innovative design ideas to organise your wardrobe and reclaim control over your storage space!

What’s the big deal?

Wardrobes is often do start clean, organised, and minimalistic, especially if they are brand new. Yet, as time goes on and people are swept away with their busy lives, wardrobes usually get neglected and less tidy. Additionally, the messier the wardrobe the more painful it is clean. It’s not long before they become a huge mess that seems impossible to deal with. This is a situation that people fall into again and again, but often times there is a simple solution — taking time to organise the wardrobe better.

There are some practical things that you can do to not only save space but also organise effectively. For example, taking the time to quickly re-organise the wardrobe when placing large or a lot of items into it. The less items and mess, the easier the wardrobe can be organised and doing this will make sure that it is constantly tidy, as well as saving time in the long run.

Getting a new, custom-built wardrobe is another effective option. Most often, this will result in the most spacious, accessible and sightly wardrobe. However, there are also many accessories which can be utilised to a good effect in existing cupboards. Let’s take a look at some easy and affordable options to turn your wardrobe into a space that works for you and your storage needs.

Add an elegant touch to your wardrobe with baskets

There are so many reasons why baskets are a great option for organising a wardrobe. First, they can be inexpensive. There are budget-friendly options in big department stores that are perfect for organising. Sure, there are definitely some designer baskets that can get pretty pricy. The trade-off between the two is aesthetics. An additional factor to consider is how often you will be replacing your baskets. Low-quality baskets might degrade quickly and become visually unattractive. If your baskets need replacing from damage, or because you no longer like their style, utilising baskets will get more expensive in the long run.

One of the best parts about utilising baskets is that you can pick and choose baskets that have a particular look and express your personality. For instance, you can purchase a basket that is more minimal and simple, or get a couple of mismatched baskets that give your wardrobe a creative appeal.

After you get the perfect baskets for you, what next? Finding a practical spot in your wardrobe to place your baskets is the top priority. One great spot is on the floor underneath clothes that you have hanging up. Alternatively, they can go in drawers or on shelves. Having them on shelves can make them very visible, which can showcase their design and potentially add an aesthetic appeal to your cupboard. Once a place is found for them, fill them up with whatever you need; fill them up with shoes, jumpers, hats, or other accessories. A great way to be organised is to have one basket for specific items or groups of items, and always sticking to the rule. If you just don’t have enough space to everything without mixing items, try a different layout, otherwise installing a custom-built wardrobe is your best way to keep your home tidy.

Hangers are highly versatile accessories

The next designer trick for your wardrobe is simple and ubiquitous, you might have a few in your home right now. Plain and simple hangers. Most people use these accessories just to hang up jackets, coats, suits, and clothes that are really large or crease easily. However, there are so many ways that you can use hangers to make your wardrobe a practical and attractive storage space.

Think about all the annoying items that you have in your wardrobe that are so difficult to find a spot for. By repurposing a few hangers you could solve a lot of your storage problems. Just use a couple of the hangers to hang up small items such as scarves, belts, and bags. As for the latter, you can hang a bag and then fill it up with small, loose items that would otherwise be in the way.

If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your wardrobe, you could turn your average hanger into something more special and unique. You could choose wooden, metal or coloured plastic hangers to suit the design of the wardrobe. Additionally, you can choose the shape and size.

The space saving power of Hooks.

If you go to your wardrobe now you may not even be using all the space available to you. Many people don’t use the back of their wardrobe door, which can be turned into a storage space. The best way to take advantage of this space is with a few well-placed hooks. After you install a couple of hooks onto the back of the wardrobe door then you can start hanging your bags, hats, coats, scarves, and other accessories. Of course, you cannot do this if you have a sliding cupboard door. If you’re worried about damaging your wardrobe, there are self-adhesive hooks available that will do the job.

One of the best features of hooks is that there are so many different styles and colours to choose from. This means that you can personalise the storage space and add your special touch to your wardrobe. One of the downside to them, however, is that they can make the wardrobe messy. Hanging large but rarely used clothing (which is likely needing a new spot) will save lots of space, but impact the sightliness of the wardrobe. On the other hand, hanging regularly used clothing from a hook with improve the practicality of the wardrobe. If the cupboard ends up really untidy from using hooks then installing a new, custom-built wardrobe might be your best bet.

This article highlights just some of the ways that you can optimality use the space in your wardrobe, while also adding a great internal design to the space. Having a well-organised cupboards will make it so much easier to find your clothes and other accessories, as well as tidy up your home.

sample of accessories for wardrobe

Did you know there is a range of accessories available for your wardrobe?

One of the best things about having a wardrobe space in your bedroom is the fact that these closets can be highly customisable. Some people are not happy with the current state of their wardrobe, and as a result, they might look for alternative, expensive solutions. However, little do they know that in most cases, the effectiveness of the closet space can be greatly improved by simply about rethinking how it is organised. A new wardrobe is not always needed, and your current closet can be fitted with some amazing accessories aimed at improving efficiency and making your life easier. Be warned though, these solutions can have certain drawbacks and won’t be for everyone; in particular these drawbacks regard attractiveness and convenience. Keep reading to learn more about the huge range of accessories and add-ons that are currently available for your wardrobe.

Belt Rack

A belt rack is a sleek, convenient, and space-saving add-on to your wardrobe, and it is really going to be a valuable way to keep your items organised without wasting too much space. Some people simply roll their belts and keep them in drawers. However, your belts will look much better and last much longer if you keep them in a rack, like how they are kept in clothing shops. Folded belts tend to wear out sooner, and you might cause marks in the material or even rips if your belts aren’t made with real leather. Belt racks can often be an attractive add-on, so for most people there really is no downside to installing one. However, some people’s closet aesthetics would be better benefitted by hanging different items or no items. Try to imagine what a belt rack would look like in your wardrobe before getting one.

Wire Baskets

Baskets can be really awesome to store a wide variety of items. Some people use them for smaller things like hats and scarves. However, some also use them for shoes, unless they have a massive collection that requires a shoe rack (more on that later). The other great benefit of baskets is probably the fact that they are often made of wire or mesh, meaning that they are see-through and allow users to immediately have a look at the contents. Some people use boxes which have the same storage capacity, however, most boxes are not see-through, and are much less convenient to use. Looking for items in a box, unlike a wire or mesh basket, is a long process of rummaging through all the contents in order to find what they are looking for. Unfortunately, baskets are often unsightly compared to other storage solutions (such as installing a larger closet with larger or more drawers).

Slide-out Mirrors

Having a mirror in your wardrobe can be incredibly convenient, and even more so if you can slide it in and out to use it whenever you want to use it and retract it when it is not in use. A slide-out mirror is, unsurprisingly, a mirror which is perk and and is a great accessory for many people.

Sliding Shoe Racks

As mentioned earlier, many people keep their shoes in a wardrobe. If you want to keep them organised and tight, sliding shoe racks are the perfect way to go. They can be slid in and out when you need to get your shoes can be helpful for many people. They offer convenience, attractiveness by keeping shoes out the way, and can help protect the shoes. You can organise your shoes comfortably by keeping your most used pair at the front of the rack and the least used pairs at the back. Furthermore, it takes no time to switch this order, for instance, if you want to rotate your shoes for the changing seasons. Sliding shoe racks come in different sizes, and they can hold as many shoes as you need. The main drawback is that a small closet might not be able to fit a shoe rack large enough for fashion enthusiasts who keep a lot of different shoes.

Customisable drawers.

You can’t have a wardrobe without any drawers, but that isn’t to say you can’t get creative with the drawers in your wardrobe. Drawers can be extremely flexible and installing custom drawers into an existing closet could potentially solve your storage challenges by better partitioning belongings. Installing custom drawers can be more cost-effective than installing an entire new closet. Custom drawers can also greatly improve the aesthetics of the wardrobe.

Custom cabinets

In addition to drawers, cabinets can also be very convenient. For instance, some people love to use cabinets to hold their shoe racks in. This can be quite handy, especially because shoes that are stored in a small enclosed space might begin to smell a little bit. A custom cabinet can keep the smell away from the rest of your wardrobe while protecting your shoes. Cabinets can be great to safely store other items as well, including ties and belts, as well as jewellery, watches, and other things that you might want to keep separated from the other things that are currently stored in your wardrobe space. Like drawers, cabinets are available in many different sizes, and it is possible to get custom jobs that are specifically tailored to your particular storage needs. In addition, there are many different stylistic choices that you can go for to make the cabinet sightly and complement the look of your spaces.

Tie Racks

Ties can be extremely delicate and need to be stored properly if they are to maintain their quality. This is the reason why a tie rack is a great wardrobe accessory for people with a lot of, or valuable, ties. If you fold your ties in a drawer or you keep them squeezed in between your shirts you risk ruining the fabric and even misshaping the tie. Furthermore, ties not stored carefully have to be ironed more often to stay crisp and looking professional.

Clothing racks

Although they might sound like a basic feature, clothing racks come in many shapes and forms, and they can become the centrepiece of your wardrobe. This is because they can feature your most unique clothing items. The right clothing rack can help you keep your clothes tidy and well-organised. In addition to that, it can be an amazing way to save space and make the most out of your closet, or even your walk-in wardrobe if you have more room available. One downside of a clothing rack, however, is that it can collect dust and doesn’t complement the aesthetics of every walk-in wardrobe.

storage for small spaces

Clever storage ideas for small bedrooms.

If have taken the time to read this article, you are probably living in or will be living in a home with a small bedroom. Perhaps you are renting a bedroom in a shared home with other tenants, which imposes additional, great storage challenges. Whatever your situation, you might be familiar with the hurdles of trying to store your things in a small bedroom space. One hurdle is finding the balance between storage space, convenience and sightliness. Thankfully there are so many useful, smart and clever things that you can do in order to maximise the full potential of your storage space without turning your small bedroom into a jungle. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most clever storage ideas for small bedrooms.

Use door hangers to store small items

Door hangers are relatively affordable and very convenient when it comes to storing things in any small bedroom. These items can be especially valuable as some door hangers can be used to showcase treasured possessions, and create an awesome design feature. For example, fancy, attractive clothing items are a great item to store from a door hanger to improve the aesthetics of the door and in turn the entire room. On the other hand, door hangers can be used to storage stuff which you will take with you each day such as wallets, bus cards, train cards, etc. This storage solution can also be very useful if you want to keep small toiletries, such as your toothbrushes, in your bedroom but together and out of the way. They can also be useful to store small pieces of clothing, including hats, gloves, scarves, socks, and even jewellery. A door hanger is an amazing way to turn a non-storage space into a storage space. Most people wouldn’t think to use their doors to store things on, but if you have a small bedroom, it can be a really good solution.

Pick your boxes cleverly.

If you’re talking about boxes, you probably know that there are so many options and varieties out there. Storage boxes are a very practical way to store many different items in the same place, keeping things out of the way and helping you organise your space in a much better way, a requirement of living in a small bedroom environment. Furthermore, storage boxes can help to protect items to varying degrees; the plastic storage boxes often offer the best protection. Boxes are particularly useful if you want to store items that pack well but don’t really fit in closets or on shelves. In addition to that, they can be useful for small electronics, such as phone chargers, batteries, flashlights, and so on.

Make the most out of your storage space and closet.

Your closet or wardrobe is probably one of the most important features of your small bedroom. You might be struggling to make the most of it, but instead of getting a bigger one, it is worth trying to organise it better. There are many different storage items that can be purchased to help to maximise storage space within a closet. However, there is a downside. Finding the balance between storage capacity, practicality and aesthetics is particularly difficult in a closet space. Having clothing items hanging all over the place can obstruct other items, making them difficult to get to or see. Furthermore, these items can sometimes collect dust. Moreover, the aesthetics of the closet is largely determined by its tidiness and sometimes, having a larger closet, or less items, is the only suitable storage solution.

Install shelves

Shelves hanging from your walls can be really practical and convenient. Moreover, they could also serve you as an ornamental add-on to your space, and they can even improve the looks of your bedroom. Shelves can be very useful as well because they enable you to store a wide variety of items. They are absolutely perfect for storing books, documents, and other small-medium sized items. In addition to that, they can provide extra space without the need to sacrifice any corner of your room at all. Some people even like to put up low hanging shelves that can double up as side tables next to their beds. This can be extremely practical and useful because they also keep free some of the space which a regular table would otherwise obstruct with its legs. This extra space could provide you with additional storage space or simply add to the aesthetics of the bedroom space, making it look more modern and far less cluttered.

Clothes racks

If you are looking for somewhere to store clothes, consider having an external clothes rack or even a hanging rod, which you could simply place somewhere between an existing piece of furniture and a wall of your room. This solution can be particularly perfect for storing dresses, as well as jackets or other clothing items. This way, you can keep these items outside of your wardrobe and use your wardrobe space for other things that won’t take up as much room. However, the items on a clothes rack with have to be cleaned very often and depending on the theme of the rest of the room a clothes rack may be unsightly.

This article is just a small window into the many solutions that are available to people with smaller bedrooms looking to improve the way they store their items without sacrificing too much of their space. Finding the balance between storage capacity, convenience and attractiveness can be difficult, particularly in a small bedroom space where capacity, convenience and attractiveness are all quite limited. Hopefully some of these solutions are suitable for your living space and help you sort through your storage situation.

Four home storage hacks to make your life easier.

Organising your storage can be tricky, and most of us don’t really want to turn our living spaces into cluttered storage facilities. Thankfully, there are many easy and forward-thinking hacks that might help you find a perfect storage solution for all your needs without breaking the bank, and more importantly, without sacrificing your space and the quality of your time spend at home. Keep reading in order to learn more about four of the best home storage hacks that will make your life a lot less messy and a whole lot easier.

Organise the space under your bed

If you already store things under your bed, this might seem like an obvious suggestion. However, the rest of us will be very surprised to learn just how much free available and accessible space is underneath your bed, and how many different items can be conveniently stored there. It is not uncommon to put boxes or store small items under a bed. However, there are many incredible solutions that could help you maximise that storage space so you can stash away a lot of possessions and tidy up the rest of the home. One of the smartest things that you could do is to purchase flat plastic containers which are easily squeezed under even a very short bed or piece of furniture. These flat boxes stay out of the way, and they are easy to retrieve and sort through whenever you need something that is stored in them. Some people use these narrow boxes to put socks, scarves, hats, or other small items. Others use them to keep documents or other little things that would otherwise just be lying around your place. One of the downsides of storing things under your bed or other furniture is that the stored items might need to be moved whenever the particular space needs to be cleaned, but really, this is no big deal. On the other hand, utilising these storage spaces will make your home less cluttered and benefit your time spent around the house.

The spaces behind your doors

Most people never consider the available space on their doors and behind their doors. However, doors can be incredibly invaluable storage spots. You could buy hanging bags there are designed specifically to be placed on your door. These are absolutely perfect for storing some more items, such as jewellery, toiletry, or even coin and other things. Alternatively, many people also use them to store their most fancy shoes or often-used clothing items such as a hat or coat. These door hangers come in a wide variety of sizes and designs, and they are often made of soft fabric or plastic so that they will not damage your door in any way.
In most cases, door hangers can be considered a perfect solution for people living in smaller spaces. If you are renting a room in a shared apartment, for example, this could be a really good solution to keep things tidy and out of sight. On the other hand, door hangers can be incredibly useful if you live in a large family home with a large amount of occupants and a large amount of items to be stored. In this context, they are particularly popular in bathrooms. People often use them to hang toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as hair brushes, soap, shampoos, shower loafers, and other items that are normally just taking up space in your bathroom. Are you tired of having your bathroom shelves filled to the brim with things? Door hangers can help you get rid of that unsightly mess once and for all.

Closet organisers.

Many people have comfortable closets. However, they might not be using them to their full potential. One of the most common hacks you could implement is to purchase a hanging closet organiser. This type of organiser can be incredibly useful to store smaller clothing items, such as hats, scarves, socks, jewellery, sunglasses, and more. In addition to that, you can use them for ties, or even shoes and other things. The possibilities are endless. Adding one or more hanging closets to your space may help you improve the way you organise your storage and in turn give you a lot more usable space.
Closet organisers are extremely practical, durable, and easy to use. If that wasn’t enough, they are often very affordable as well, so you can buy many of them to serve different functions. There are many options that you can choose from, and it’s really all up to what you need. Of course, sometimes there really is too much stuff that trying to cleverly organise within a closet results in an unsightly mess of clothes or doesn’t showcase the clothing items that you might want to wear some day. Then, installing a larger closet is the most effective and attractive storage solution.

Do you really need all that stuff in your house?

Many people struggle to get rid of things, even when they never use them and they actually do not need them. However, one of the absolute best space saving and storage hacks is to part ways with things that you no longer want and just do not need anymore. How often have you used that cheap ice cream maker that you thought would be a good purchase a few years ago? Different people have different items around the home that they could get rid of to save space. As an alternative to throwing things away, you might be able to sell some of your unwanted items and make some extra dollars while saving more space in your home… but be sure not to spend it on other junk you will have to get rid of in the future! Removing unwanted or unnecessary things from your home effectively declutters valuable living spaces and improves the quality of your time spent around the house.
malamute wardrobes

How a custom wardrobe solution can make use of dead space in your home.

A more in-depth outlook at all the perks of custom wardrobes, and how they can help you by adding value and purpose to the “dead zones” in your home.

We all love to fill our wardrobes with some amazing outfits and trendy new clothes. However, it can get incredibly messy and annoying to navigate through it all if you don’t really have a space that’s easy enough to understand and navigate. Keep reading to learn more about how a custom wardrobe solution can help you make use of dead, empty space in your home. Ideally, browsing through your own wardrobe should not be an experience that you dread. It should be something fun, something that you actually look forward to. Hopefully, this article will present you with some tips that will help you get there by installing a custom wardrobe build in your home.

Have a look around, and embrace the possibilities.

If you take a closer look at your home, you might come to the realisation that yes – you actually do have a lot of dead space that’s ready to be put to good use! However, it is not always easy to notice. Most people use dead spaces in their homes as a way to forget about things they don’t want or need right away, and as a result, they get completely overwhelmed with clutter. Take some time to declutter your home and reorganise your possessions. You might be pleasantly surprised. Your home is suddenly going to look and feel a hell of a lot bigger, and you are certainly going to be able to reallocate dead space and take advantage of it. One of the best solutions and uses? Building a wardrobe, of course. Using a custom wardrobe can be a perfect solution because it can be built to the exact specification of your particular space. If you find a dead spot that isn’t really being used in your home, you will find that an experienced provider can add value to that very same space with a customised wardrobe solution.

More space for your items, and better organisation.

In addition to taking advantage of empty spaces and dead zones in your home, having a custom wardrobe installed can help you cover a wider range of purposes, and give you many additional perks. For instance, you could consider having a custom wardrobe installed that’s specifically suited to your clothing items and accessories. Do you have an extensive collection of shoes? Did you go on a shopping spree and got a bit too many winter sweaters on sale last summer? Not a problem. With a custom wardrobe space, you can tailor the design and organisation of it to specifically fit your needs and items.

A customised wardrobe could also help you get more organised when it comes to switching out seasonal items, so you don’t have to get stuck and feel helpless whenever the weather changes suddenly or you need something for that odd rainy day.

Match the look, style, and feel of your home.

Wardrobes, as you might guess, are utilitarian. By that, I mean that they serve a very specific purpose. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that they can’t look stunning. Having a custom wardrobe installed can be an opportunity to come up with a design that would perfectly fit the style and space of your home. Some wardrobes might seem like they are not very well integrated with the surrounding environment, and they might mess with the mojo of a room. The last thing you want is a wardrobe that feels like a deposit or a cluttered storage unit! Custom wardrobe solutions are particularly amazing because they will help you integrate with your home environment so much better.

Price point.

Some people might hear the word “custom” and immediately assume that they are going to need to spend a lot of money in order to get what they want. However, you’d be surprised to learn how affordable a custom wardrobe can be. As with many other products, there are different price tiers available in this category, and the expense might vary according to a wide range of factors. In other words, some materials can be more expensive than others, but it doesn’t mean that cheaper materials are less durable or lower in terms of quality. At times, the added “bells and whistles,” such an expensive finish or a fancy paint job, can actually increase the cost of a custom wardrobe by a rather high margin. This is the reason why most people prefer to have a minimalistic design, combining the benefits of an essential look and a custom design with the perks of a lower price tag. Other people, on the other hand, spare no expense. They install custom lighting, mirrors, and other fittings in their wardrobes, which might bump up the price. The possibilities are truly endless, and you can definitely find a great compromise between achieving exactly what you want and keeping the costs down to a reasonable degree. If you are not sure about how to approach your custom wardrobe design, or simply want some extra suggestions, don’t be afraid to ask a trustworthy provider. Most companies would be happy to discuss your needs with you with no further obligation, and they might help you come up with the excellent design that you have been looking for. Having a custom wardrobe made could be an exciting experience, and it is a true journey, which might even end up improving the value and liveability of your home environment, not to mention your ability to keep things organised more seamlessly.

These are only some of the many reasons why you should consider selecting a customised wardrobe design. This way, you will be able to finally use all the space in your house that’s not really being valued, while also making more sense of the way you store your clothes and fashion accessories.

wardrobes with glass doors

Simple and practical wardrobe ideas

Is your wardrobe an absolute mess? Don’t despair! Let us come to the rescue with some simple, affordable (or free) ideas that will help you revolutionise the way you approach your wardrobe. Say goodbye to the clutter, and start having fun when choosing your outfit, instead of dreading the whole process.

Recycle boxes to store smaller items

It might seem silly, but boxes can be really useful for your wardrobe. For example, older shoe boxes that you aren’t using to store shoes can be stacked quite easily, and they can help you store various items. This is particularly a great idea to store your off-season wardrobe items. For example, you could easily fit a dozen light scarves, beanies or even heavy winter socks in a single shoebox. You can stack them neatly, somewhere out of sight, and then resurrect them during winter when you are going to need to wear those items. You can do the same with the summer clothes that you are not going to need during the winter, rotating your wardrobe in a seamless way, rather than having all of your clothes pile up all year round. There is no reason to have stuff that you do not need constantly within your reach. This neat little trick is a simple solution, which will undoubtedly enable to save massive amounts of wardrobe space, without spending a dime (all you need is a box or set of boxes of some sort)

Don’t forget about floor space.

Floor space is almost always overlooked, but you can do so much if you actually look at its potential. For instance, you can buy shoe racks in order to arrange your shoe collection. Shoe racks can also come in handy for other items, which you could place in smaller boxes that fit within your racks, almost as if they were drawers! This is actually a clever DIY hack to save a lot of money if you do not want to buy a drawer. This particular trick is actually extremely helpful, especially for objects such as socks, underwear, and even jewellery among other things.

Learn how to fold things properly and organise your items.

Folding your clothes the right way is the key to saving a lot of space, as well as keeping things organised and easy to access in under almost any circumstance. From pants to t-shirts, socks, and underwear, anything can be folded to perfection, as a way to minimise space and fight clutter. It might be hard to get used to a proper folding method at first, but the more you do it, the more it will actually become second nature, and quite easy to keep up with it, to the point that it will start to feel so wrong not to do it, just like going to bed without brushing your teeth first.

Do not forget proper lighting.

Lighting is perhaps one of the single most overlook aspects of wardrobes. Proper illumination can really help you when it comes to organising your space. In addition to that, it can actually make it so much easier for you to sort through your things. In a dark wardrobe, it is quite easy to make a mess looking for stuff, because you simply can’t see it properly. Have you ever tried looking for a black t-shirt in a poorly lit wardrobe, among a pile of dark clothes? Trust me, it is very time-consuming and it will lead you to unfold various t-shirts and items before you find the right one. Proper lighting can help you improve the user-friendliness of your wardrobe, as well as enhancing the sense of spaciousness that you will experience.

A radical revision.

There are many amazingly cheap and effective ways to improve your wardrobe as it is, but if you are looking for a completely different solution, you could actually consider a more radical overhaul of your entire wardrobe, by updating your furniture and starting from scratch! As I mentioned earlier, this is definitely not the cheapest way to go, but at times, it might be the best option, especially if you think that your existing wardrobe layout is really impractical and not worth the effort of trying to improve it at all. When you’d rather start again from the beginning, you’ll have the chance to think it through and take the time to explore more options, so that you can finally make the most out of your wardrobe space, and come up with a solution that would serve you remarkably well throughout every single season.

In conclusion, whether you do not want to spend a dime, or whether you have the budget to renew your entire wardrobe, there is so much you can do!

wardrobe with morrored doors

Give your room a fresh look with new wardrobe doors

Are you looking for a seamless way to give your room a fresh makeover? New wardrobe doors might be just what you are looking for.

Although they are often overlooked, wardrobe doors can actually play a huge role in your experience, and they can even go as far as redefining the aesthetics of your room. Keep reading to learn more about how you can use wardrobe doors to get a fresh new look for your room.

Hide the clutter.

Ideal, your wardrobe should be as tidy as possible, but let’s be honest: we all get away with a little clutter from time to time, especially if the wardrobe is packed to the brim with clothes, shoes, accessories and other items. Some door-less wardrobes can actually cause an entire room to feel way more crowded and cluttered. The problem is that you would always see all of that mess that is going on in there, and it will sort of become part of your room. Having a wardrobe door can actually remove that visual element from the equation, giving your entire room a less chaotic look and feel. A door will replace the visual clutter with a nice design, or perhaps a seamless one-colour aesthetics that will blend in more seamlessly with the concept of your room as a whole. For instance, imagine having a door with a different colour, just to give your room a different highlight. This might create a pleasant two-tone aesthetics, while still retaining a nice minimalistic look. Other people, especially kids and teenagers, love to use their wardrobe doors to hang posters, stickers, or wall art, to further customise the aesthetics of their rooms.

Double up as a mirror.

In some cases, people love to install half or full-figure mirrors on the outside of their wardrobe doors. It might be quite handy to have a mirror around that you can rely on on-the-go, without the need to open your wardrobe to access an inside mirror or go to the bathroom, where you might have a mirror as well. In addition to that, mirrors are known to create a sense of spaciousness, making a room look a lot bigger. Therefore, having a mirror on your wardrobe door might actually vibe you a sense of space and size, which will make your room look a lot fresher and more pleasant.


Having a wardrobe door can actually add more versatility to it as well. In some cases, a wardrobe door can even be used for extra storage. Some people install hooks or even use nails to hang small items to the inside of the doors. This solution could be perfect for hanging necklaces, rings, or bracelets, especially the kind of jewellery that you use quite frequently. You could also benefit from these hooks or nails to hang hats, ties, gloves, scarves, and many other accessories that you might have. Some people even have small trays hanging from their wardrobe doors. The latter is ideal for carrying small items, including jewellery boxes, but also wallets, keys, and more. Some people might scoff at the idea of keeping a wallet or keys in their wardrobe, but it could actually be a great solution to keep some valuable items out of the side, especially if you have a small room or if you share your home with other housemates. A wardrobe door will keep everything neat and will hide your clothes and valuables away, so you can rest assured they won’t be so easy to spot. Again, this isn’t exactly the primary purpose or application for a wardrobe, but you would be surprised how often people use their ware space in order to hide or protect their valuables!

Fight off Odour

At times, clothes that have been stored in your wardrobe for extended periods of time, as well as shoes and even hats, can give off some bad odours. Using a wardrobe door can literally make your room fresher because you’ll be able to create a barrier between your living quarters and the potentially obtrusive odours that might come off your wardrobe. You can always use an air freshener or a similar product in order to remove the stink from your shoes, for instance, but having a door will definitely help you make sure that your whole room will not smell like air freshener (ironically, it is not always a great idea to be constantly surrounded by the smell of an air freshener). Ultimately, this is one of the most popular partial application to having a wardrobe door. As you can see, this is not only about aesthetic reasons, but it is also about adding functionality and practicality to your room and wardrobe area, while also fostering the hygiene and cleanliness of your space.

Blend in seamlessly with your room’s aesthetics.

As mentioned earlier, a door can blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of your room. It could help you achieve a fresh look by hiding away the cluttered, crowded areas of your wardrobe, replacing them with a tidier front end. You can simply opt for a seamless wardrobe door design, something that would be as unobtrusive as possible. Other people like the opportunity to use their wardrobe doors to add more of a highlight to their room. Perhaps, they’ll choose a different yet complimentary design, going for a smooth feel and a nice texture.

These are only some of the many reasons why new wardrobe doors could be just the upgrade that you need in order to take your room’s interior design to the next level.

custom wardrobes

Time to reorganise? Did you know custom wardrobe solutions may cost less then you think?

Is wardrobe clutter driving you crazy?

Is your wardrobe a mess? Don’t worry: you are certainly not alone. Many people actually struggle to keep up with their messy wardrobes. Things can get even more hectic with the change of season when i is easy to run into a lot of clutter. Keep reading to learn more about how to make the most out of your wardrobe space and reap the organizational benefits of a custom wardrobe solution.

Understanding your needs.

Reorganising your wardrobe can be a daunting emotional and physical journey. The process can be very time consuming, and in some cases, it might actually be challenging to get rid of old stuff or even change the entire concept of a wardrobe layout that just isn’t working out for you. Before you go ahead and rearrange the whole thing, take a step back. Ask yourself what you really need and take the time to understand your situation. Start from knowing exactly how many things you need to store, and what you expect from your space. Many people love to get started by doing an inventory of their items. Some take the opportunity to catalog their clothes and accessories, divide them by seasons, and more. You could even take the opportunity to give away stuff that you do not really use anymore. Some of us might struggle to get rid of things, even if they are sitting somewhere collecting dust. However, you might find the experience very rewarding, especially if the outcome is the wardrobe of your dreams!

Custom wardrobe solutions VS off-the-shelf.

Once you get a better overview of your situation and your particular needs, you can start reconsidering your optimal wardrobe set-up. These days, there are many ways you can go about it. However, there are two main categories of products. You could aim for a custom wardrobe solution or for off-the-shelf alternatives. Generally speaking, custom wardrobe solutions are ideal because they allow you to tailor the design of your wardrobe to your specific situation. Even though the benefits of a custom job often means that you need to pay a little more for the extra flexibility, customised wardrobes are still cheaper than you might think. The price might also vary depending on a wide number of factors, including choice of materials, size, capacity, and so on. The beauty of customizing your wardrobe is that the possibilities are literally endless since you get to have the final say.

Reorganising 101.

Buying the best new wardrobe and storage solutions is a great first step. However, the job is not going to perform itself! You need to spend some time and focus on reorganizing. In order to be as quick and efficient as possible, it is important to think carefully and plan ahead. As mentioned earlier, making an inventory of your clothes and products can actually be very helpful. The beauty of organizing your items is that you can sort them out according to whatever methodology seems to make more sense to you. For instance, some people like to sort their items by seasonal relevance. Others like to sort them by color, size, or type. However, you prefer handling things, the end result that you want is a clean wardrobe that is not messy, and that is easy to navigate. When you start organising your wardrobe from the beginning, split your workload into different tasks, each to be completed within 25 minutes. For example, set yourself a 25-minute deadline to fold all of your shits. Once you are done with that, take a 10 minutes break, and focus on another 25 minutes to do a different task. In doing so with discipline, you can use a more focused approach to time management and avoid frustration and distraction when working on a revamped wardrobe. This might seem a bit over the top, but implementing good time management strategies in wardrobe reorganizing can save you a lot of trouble, and valuable time.
It’s not just about space: it is also about illumination.

In some cases, rearranging your space and buying new storage solutions is not necessarily going to improve your wardrobe situation. You might not have considered that the lighting factor can also play an important role in the usefulness and appearance of your wardrobe space. In fact, wardrobe spaces that are poorly lit often seem more cluttered and cave-like. Without proper lighting, it can be difficult to locate your things, and even a small wardrobe can seem like a mess. In order to prevent such problems, consider new lighting solutions for your particular wardrobe space. Overhead lights on shelves, as well as lamps and other solutions, can be very helpful, especially if you have a smaller wardrobe space with a lot of nooks and crannies that are often left in the dark.

Seasonal changes.

Some people do not take the time to reorganise and update their wardrobe based on seasonal changes. As a result, they can actually experience a lot of issues, because all of their clothes are always going to be in the way. You are probably not going to need that heavy winter jacket in the middle of summer, so why not taking it out of your way until you need it again? Wardrobe rotation can be an excellent way to declutter, as well as order your mites by seasonal importance, so it is easy to keep track of what you need at any given time.

To conclude, it is still important to remember that this is your wardrobe: there is no right or wrong, and it is mostly a matter of what you feel comfortable with and a custom solution is often the best choice!