wardrobe in a small spce

Building a custom wardrobe in a small space

A custom wardrobe can be the best solution for people in need to make the most out of a smaller space. Keep reading to learn more about approaching a custom wardrobe. The know-how in this article is perfect for when you need to squeeze as much use as you can out of it! Many consider their wardrobe a top priority and one of their favourite home nooks. It’s about time to make it as special as it could be!

Vertical and horizontal storage space

The directionality of storage is very important when designing a custom wardrobe. If you have a small space, you should consider the way you arrange storage compartments. The best wardrobe designs focus on vertical and horizontal storage alike. Vertical storage might include racks or hangers. These are ideal for jackets, shirts and dresses. Horizontal storage often involves drawers, cabinets and flat racks. These are often recommended to store shoes, belts, hats, accessories and more. Thinking about your wardrobe as horizontal and vertical storage is the winning move. This approach can help you set the perfect work frame and begin with some great building blocks. Still, it is also important to consider the depth of your wardrobe. This is a very important factor that will determine how many layers of storage you can have at hand. Depth in a wardrobe can be a difficult thing to manage. On the one hand, it is very nice to be able to rely on more depth to increase your storage capacity. On the other, you might not find it too practical. Things can be tricky if you’re going to need to dig and dive deeper into a wardrobe that’s not very accessible. Is your wardrobe space too focused on depth versus horizontal and vertical space? If that’s the case, it can become messy. As we all know, cluttered settings are harder to organise, so they’re something to avoid.

Create multiple levels

Thinking in levels is another great way to take advantage of your vertical space. Many people love to organise their wardrobes in multiple levels and compartments. Think of it as a bunk bed, but for your clothes! In the same way these bedding designs can help save space in a bedroom, many levels can help your wardrobe. They can help you optimise your available room in a small wardrobe space. Generally, it’s a good idea to use lower compartments for things like shoes. The medium-height levels are perfect for things you use on a regular basis. On the other hand, higher storage levels can be great for things you don’t use much or for items not currently in season. This way, you won’t have to bother trying to reach for objects or clothes too high up. You can easily reserve that space for things that are not your priority at the moment. There is also another easy way for you to make your levels even better organised. You could consider labelling them, so you know exactly what goes where.

Lighting solutions

image of lighting above wardrobe A wardrobe in a small space will probably get quite cramped up. It’s easy to go overboard, especially if you’re looking to store a large variety of items. One of the best ways to improve your closet organisation is to rely on good lighting. Illumination leads to better visibility. It makes it easier for you to identify your items without having to stumble in the dark, literally! If you are looking for the best light for your wardrobe, you should avoid warm bulbs. These might change the way colours look and create a lot of shadows. Contact us to discuss your requirements. We service most of the Brisbane area.

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