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Did you know there is a range of accessories available for your wardrobe?

One of the best things about having a wardrobe space in your bedroom is the fact that these closets can be highly customisable. Some people are not happy with the current state of their wardrobe, and as a result, they might look for alternative, expensive solutions. However, little do they know that in most cases, the effectiveness of the closet space can be greatly improved by simply about rethinking how it is organised. A new wardrobe is not always needed, and your current closet can be fitted with some amazing accessories aimed at improving efficiency and making your life easier. Be warned though, these solutions can have certain drawbacks and won’t be for everyone; in particular these drawbacks regard attractiveness and convenience. Keep reading to learn more about the huge range of accessories and add-ons that are currently available for your wardrobe.

Belt Rack

A belt rack is a sleek, convenient, and space-saving add-on to your wardrobe, and it is really going to be a valuable way to keep your items organised without wasting too much space. Some people simply roll their belts and keep them in drawers. However, your belts will look much better and last much longer if you keep them in a rack, like how they are kept in clothing shops. Folded belts tend to wear out sooner, and you might cause marks in the material or even rips if your belts aren’t made with real leather. Belt racks can often be an attractive add-on, so for most people there really is no downside to installing one. However, some people’s closet aesthetics would be better benefitted by hanging different items or no items. Try to imagine what a belt rack would look like in your wardrobe before getting one.

Wire Baskets

Baskets can be really awesome to store a wide variety of items. Some people use them for smaller things like hats and scarves. However, some also use them for shoes, unless they have a massive collection that requires a shoe rack (more on that later). The other great benefit of baskets is probably the fact that they are often made of wire or mesh, meaning that they are see-through and allow users to immediately have a look at the contents. Some people use boxes which have the same storage capacity, however, most boxes are not see-through, and are much less convenient to use. Looking for items in a box, unlike a wire or mesh basket, is a long process of rummaging through all the contents in order to find what they are looking for. Unfortunately, baskets are often unsightly compared to other storage solutions (such as installing a larger closet with larger or more drawers).

Slide-out Mirrors

Having a mirror in your wardrobe can be incredibly convenient, and even more so if you can slide it in and out to use it whenever you want to use it and retract it when it is not in use. A slide-out mirror is, unsurprisingly, a mirror which is perk and and is a great accessory for many people.

Sliding Shoe Racks

As mentioned earlier, many people keep their shoes in a wardrobe. If you want to keep them organised and tight, sliding shoe racks are the perfect way to go. They can be slid in and out when you need to get your shoes can be helpful for many people. They offer convenience, attractiveness by keeping shoes out the way, and can help protect the shoes. You can organise your shoes comfortably by keeping your most used pair at the front of the rack and the least used pairs at the back. Furthermore, it takes no time to switch this order, for instance, if you want to rotate your shoes for the changing seasons. Sliding shoe racks come in different sizes, and they can hold as many shoes as you need. The main drawback is that a small closet might not be able to fit a shoe rack large enough for fashion enthusiasts who keep a lot of different shoes.

Customisable drawers.

You can’t have a wardrobe without any drawers, but that isn’t to say you can’t get creative with the drawers in your wardrobe. Drawers can be extremely flexible and installing custom drawers into an existing closet could potentially solve your storage challenges by better partitioning belongings. Installing custom drawers can be more cost-effective than installing an entire new closet. Custom drawers can also greatly improve the aesthetics of the wardrobe.

Custom cabinets

In addition to drawers, cabinets can also be very convenient. For instance, some people love to use cabinets to hold their shoe racks in. This can be quite handy, especially because shoes that are stored in a small enclosed space might begin to smell a little bit. A custom cabinet can keep the smell away from the rest of your wardrobe while protecting your shoes. Cabinets can be great to safely store other items as well, including ties and belts, as well as jewellery, watches, and other things that you might want to keep separated from the other things that are currently stored in your wardrobe space. Like drawers, cabinets are available in many different sizes, and it is possible to get custom jobs that are specifically tailored to your particular storage needs. In addition, there are many different stylistic choices that you can go for to make the cabinet sightly and complement the look of your spaces.

Tie Racks

Ties can be extremely delicate and need to be stored properly if they are to maintain their quality. This is the reason why a tie rack is a great wardrobe accessory for people with a lot of, or valuable, ties. If you fold your ties in a drawer or you keep them squeezed in between your shirts you risk ruining the fabric and even misshaping the tie. Furthermore, ties not stored carefully have to be ironed more often to stay crisp and looking professional.

Clothing racks

Although they might sound like a basic feature, clothing racks come in many shapes and forms, and they can become the centrepiece of your wardrobe. This is because they can feature your most unique clothing items. The right clothing rack can help you keep your clothes tidy and well-organised. In addition to that, it can be an amazing way to save space and make the most out of your closet, or even your walk-in wardrobe if you have more room available. One downside of a clothing rack, however, is that it can collect dust and doesn’t complement the aesthetics of every walk-in wardrobe.

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