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5 Easy Tips For Storing Your Off-Season Clothes

Keeping your clothes in tip-top condition between seasons can be a challenge, especially when going between the extreme warm to chilly months of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

For many people, it can be tempting to simply fold and shove your clothes into a plastic tub somewhere out of the way like under the bed, but that can be fairly counter-productive if you want to keep your clothes in good condition. 

A custom built in wardrobe will help with neat and organised storage, however, there are more factors to safely and effectively storing your clothes. 

This brief guide will help you store your clothes so they stay just as you left them. 

1. Thoroughly Clean Your Clothes

To avoid dirt, dust and other contaminants building up and creating a frustrating situation after months or years of storage, be sure that your clothes are properly cleaned before being placed in storage. Clean clothes feel far fresher when they’re pulled from storage, and while there may be some storage smell, it certainly will be the start of the best storage outcome.

2. Understanding The Best Methods For Storing Clothing

Different clothing types work better with different wardrobe and storage solutions, and your personal preference and storage capabilities also play a part. 

If you’re storing your clothes for a prolonged period, it can be tempting to hang them to avoid creating creases and folds. However, hanging clothes can damage their shape over time, drawing the fabric out and negatively affecting the look and quality. Folding your clothes for long-term storage is definitely the preferred option. 

Your storage solution can have a large impact on how well your clothes survive storage. Plastic storage containers can trap moisture, which will cause your clothes to come out musty and possibly damaged from dampness. Cardboard can attract bugs and rodents, which you don’t want infesting your clothes. 

Use a storage method that lets clothes to breathe, cotton bins and suitcases are great option for Brisbane and these warmer areas, and nothing beats a well-constructed custom built in wardrobe with custom storage abilities for hiding away your off-season clothes. You can see a few before and after Lifestyle Wardrobes examples here:

3. Keep Your Clothes In A Cool, Dry and Dark Place

You want to keep your clothes at a cool temperature, so they don’t attract moisture, and their size and consistency are not affected. It likely goes without saying that they’ll need to be kept bone dry at all times too.

A dark location is ideal as you don’t want colours to fade during storage. A custom built wardrobes or similar quality storage solution is ideal.

4. Be Wary Of Moths And Other Bugs

The occasional moth might not seem like a big deal, but they rarely come alone. Moth outbreaks in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast can be devastating and could cost you thousands of dollars in damaged clothing. There’s nothing worse than pulling out your favourite jumper for the winter only to find that it’s been destroyed with little holes. 

Moth balls are one option, however they aren’t the healthiest or most efficient option. Sachets of lavender or other herbal repellants will do a great job of repelling moths, and may also give your clothes a slightly nicer scent than moth balls. Vacuum sealed clothing bags can be great too, but you will still need to store them somewhere safe where mice or other bugs can not chew through the plastic.

5. Check In On Your Clothes

If you’re using a less than ideal storage solution, be sure to check in on your clothes. Look out for the signs of moth or rodent infestations, and make sure everything is in tip-top shape for the next season. If you’ve got some time on your hands, it doesn’t hurt to fluff them out and refold them for continued storage. 

In Summary, make sure you:

  • Clean and dry your clothes thoroughly
  • Use cotton bins or suitcases that can breathe
  • Keep your cotton bins or suitcases in a cool, dry and dark place
  • Protect the area against moths and other bugs
  • Check on your clothes now and then
  • Store Your Clothes In A Quality, Cost Effective Custom Wardrobe!

If you want to learn more about designing a unique and stylish walk in wardrobe for your bedroom or any other room for storage, simply contact the Lifestyle Wardrobes team today on 1300 550 315 or click here: 

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