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Building A Wardrobe That Combines A Balance Between Practicality And Aesthetics

Whether most people realise it or not, one of the largest investments they will make over the course of their lives will be in clothes and shoes. In fact, across Australia an average of $44 dollars is spent on clothing per week for every man, woman and child.

The questions that beg to be answered here is, why is it we spend so much on dressing ourselves and give so little thought to how we store and take care of the things we are investing our money in?

Having a custom wardrobe designed and built isn’t that expensive and by keeping our belongings organized and properly stored not only will help extend their useful life, but will also save us loads of time by making things easier to lay our hands on when we need them.

The process is really quite simple and besides being extremely practical, a custom wardrobe can actually improve the aesthetics of and beautify our homes.

What Will You Store in Your Robe
The first thing that we need to look at when we start designing you a custom wardrobe is what you are expecting to store in it.

If you collect shoes, then you will have to have shoe racks to display them on of course. If you wear long gowns or have long coats, then you will need a high or long hang bars, but if your style leans more to shirts, blouses, pants, short skirts and jackets, then a double hang arrangement will double your storage space.

Will you be keeping T-shirts, sweaters, and bags in your wardrobe? If so, you will need shelves or drawers, depending on your taste and size of your bags.

Do you have ties, belts or scarves that will need to be hung?

All of these considerations have to be taken into account so start by making a list of what items you most want to keep in your wardrobe and if you have limited space set their priority in case you have to make trade-offs.

Finally Your Space
Now that you know what you need space for and how strong a system you are going to need, it is finally time to look at your space.

This doesn’t just mean how much space you have available. It includes your décor and the type of space you want to create.

A major advantage to having a custom wardrobe is that besides being designed to maximize your storage space it can also be tailored to express your own unique sense of style and fashion.

Whether your taste runs to ultra modern utilitarian racks or classic hardwood chests you can have the wardrobe that matches you and your decor built to your exact specifications.

A wardrobe can be anything from a simple corner cabinet to an entire room dedicated to relaxing and preparing yourself. It can be down to earth or an extravagant work of art.

When you have it custom built, your wardrobe can be anything and everything you could want it to be.

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