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Designing your perfect laundry space with clever use of shelves and cupboards.

Designing Your Perfect Laundry Space with Custom Features

How much time do you spend doing laundry? Most households require a considerable part of each week spent in the laundry room. It makes sense to invest in this part of your home to make it as useful and functional as possible. When you design or make over your laundry room, you can employ custom shelving and cabinetry to create a space that is perfectly integrated with your family needs.

Custom Shelving

Installing custom shelving is an affordable way to create a well-organised space. Shelving allows you to keep useful items within reach but also stored out of your way. Custom shelving allows you to make the most of all your wall space. If your laundry area is small, shelves allow you to effectively employ the vertical space in your room for storing soap, linens, or other items you store in this area.

Custom Cabinetry

Cabinets are an excellent feature for laundry rooms because they allow you to store items out of sight. You can keep seasonal items stored conveniently as well as extra blankets and linens, detergents, and other items you typically keep in your laundry room. You can even create cabinet stations for each member of your household to store their laundry bins, towels, or other items that belong to them.

To enhance the functionality and organisation of your laundry room or area, consider designing your space with custom shelves and cabinets. You can even choose these features to complement the colour and style of your room.

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