mirrored sliding doors

Did you know Mirror Doors not only look great, but also make a small room appear larger!

While most homes feature a mirror in the bathroom or bedroom, few households have mastered the art of using mirrors to make their living space appear brighter, larger and more welcoming. By strategically placing a couple large mirrors around your home, you can have a significant impact on the feel of your décor.

However, small rooms with little wall space can make it challenging to place a mirror. Herein lies the beauty of mirrored doors: they are the perfect solution for subtly incorporating large mirrors without using up valuable wall space.

Keep reading to find out why large mirrors, such as mirrored doors, are an interior decorator’s best friend.

Mirrored Doors Brighten Up a Room
Mirrors reflect both artificial light and natural sunlight, making them the ideal design element for small spaces. By installing a mirrored door where it will be positioned across from or angled toward a light source, you can catch the light and allow it to more effectively spread throughout the room. This is an ideal solution for small spaces, as it eliminates the need to have a light source in every corner of the room.

A Perfect Solution for a Windowless Room
Windows naturally open up a space, allowing sun light to filter in and letting the room’s occupants enjoy nature’s soothing colors. Rooms without windows, especially small rooms, can feel cramped, gloomy and uninviting. To visually warm up a windowless room, consider using glossy paint and decorate with glass accents. A mirrored door, coupled with a variety of ambient lighting solutions, can open up a windowless room and create the illusion of a window by creating an additional light source on the wall.
Broadening a Small Space

Any space, regardless of its size, needs to flow visually. Mirrored doors offer an ideal way to create a clutter-free look while broadening the room. By creating an open flow, even a small space can appear bright, airy and inviting.

Are you interested in incorporating mirrored doors into your home’s décor? We can worth with you to develop customized solutions that will open up even the smallest rooms in your home.

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