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Organise your living room with clever wardrobe ideas

In some cases, maintaining a clutter-free living room can be quite a challenge, particularly if you have a mess of items looming about. Things can easily pile up, especially if you still don’t have a good method to organise your belongings in your home. In particular, clothing items are usually spread out to several places in several rooms, making it difficult to track things and find what you need. In addition to that, objects lying around everywhere can occupy so much space, making your living room and other rooms in the house feel smaller and less inviting. Keep reading to learn more about organising your living room with these flexible wardrobe tips that will help you rethink the way you go about fixing up your space!

Floor storage

Floor storage is often overlooked, but it can be an amazing way to save some space and get some smaller items out of the way. For instance, you could consider flat boxes that would fit under couches, beds or furniture. These are ideal to store documents, as well as small clothing items and accessories, ranging from socks and underwear to jewellery and pretty much anything else that can fit. Obviously, you probably don’t want to have stuff just laying around on the floor in boxes, but if you look at the space under your existing furniture and amenities, you could certainly find a good use for it, instead of just leaving it there to collect dust.

Using the right illumination and lighting.

Poor illumination can make it a lot harder to navigate through your stuff, particularly clothes. In addition to that, it can also make your living room space and other areas of the house feel a lot smaller and more cluttered. If you are looking for ways to maximise the openness of your space, you should definitely consider improving the lighting solutions in and around your wardrobe. This will make it a lot easier to make it feel bigger and easier to navigate, improving your situation in many ways.

Different boxes for different purposes.

Boxes are really great to store smaller items, such as socks, hats, scarves or even shoes. Instead of just dumping things into drawers, you can organise your drawer/closet spaces by using smaller boxes to categorise your stuff within. This method can actually help you save a lot more space, meaning that you can easily optimise your wardrobe. In addition to that, boxes will make it a lot of easier for you to sort through things and navigate through your items, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time to find what you actually need or want.

Get rid of what you don’t want or need.

One of the reasons why our wardrobes pile up is that we simply have too much stuff that we do not actually need. What about that ratty old sweater you never wear anymore? Or that hand-me-down from your aunt ten years ago? Or even that bulky winter jacket you don’t like anymore? For some people, it is not always easy to get rid of stuff, even if they do not actually use it anymore. However, if you manage to pull the plunge, you might definitely experience that getting rid of stuff that you no longer want or need has a good decluttering feeling, not only for your home but also for your state of mind!

If you remove unwanted clothing items or old stuff that you simply don’t wear or want anymore, perhaps you won’t even have do anything more than that to optimise your space, because you just end up recovering so much of it! Maybe it’s time for that long overdue trip to the Salvos after all!

Door storage.

Door storage systems are not exactly flattering when it comes to the aesthetics of a room, but they can come in handy in a closet, or in a bathroom, any space where practicality wins over looks. Using door storage systems, you can save space and improve the way you store smaller items. Door storage systems usually have “pockets” which enable you to store a wide variety of items in a very seamless and practical way, from socks and underwear to jewellery, scarves, ties and other accessories, providing an excellent space-saving solution. Most door storage products are also quite affordable and relatively easy to install, making for a truly excellent alternative in many circumstances.


These are only some practical, simple and really affordable tips that anybody can implement in order to enhance space consciousness in their homes, and enhance the flexibility of their wardrobe space, while also saving their living room and other areas from clutter!


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