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Simple and practical wardrobe ideas

Is your wardrobe an absolute mess? Don’t despair! Let us come to the rescue with some simple, affordable (or free) ideas that will help you revolutionise the way you approach your wardrobe. Say goodbye to the clutter, and start having fun when choosing your outfit, instead of dreading the whole process.

Recycle boxes to store smaller items

It might seem silly, but boxes can be really useful for your wardrobe. For example, older shoe boxes that you aren’t using to store shoes can be stacked quite easily, and they can help you store various items. This is particularly a great idea to store your off-season wardrobe items. For example, you could easily fit a dozen light scarves, beanies or even heavy winter socks in a single shoebox. You can stack them neatly, somewhere out of sight, and then resurrect them during winter when you are going to need to wear those items. You can do the same with the summer clothes that you are not going to need during the winter, rotating your wardrobe in a seamless way, rather than having all of your clothes pile up all year round. There is no reason to have stuff that you do not need constantly within your reach. This neat little trick is a simple solution, which will undoubtedly enable to save massive amounts of wardrobe space, without spending a dime (all you need is a box or set of boxes of some sort)

Don’t forget about floor space.

Floor space is almost always overlooked, but you can do so much if you actually look at its potential. For instance, you can buy shoe racks in order to arrange your shoe collection. Shoe racks can also come in handy for other items, which you could place in smaller boxes that fit within your racks, almost as if they were drawers! This is actually a clever DIY hack to save a lot of money if you do not want to buy a drawer. This particular trick is actually extremely helpful, especially for objects such as socks, underwear, and even jewellery among other things.

Learn how to fold things properly and organise your items.

Folding your clothes the right way is the key to saving a lot of space, as well as keeping things organised and easy to access in under almost any circumstance. From pants to t-shirts, socks, and underwear, anything can be folded to perfection, as a way to minimise space and fight clutter. It might be hard to get used to a proper folding method at first, but the more you do it, the more it will actually become second nature, and quite easy to keep up with it, to the point that it will start to feel so wrong not to do it, just like going to bed without brushing your teeth first.

Do not forget proper lighting.

Lighting is perhaps one of the single most overlook aspects of wardrobes. Proper illumination can really help you when it comes to organising your space. In addition to that, it can actually make it so much easier for you to sort through your things. In a dark wardrobe, it is quite easy to make a mess looking for stuff, because you simply can’t see it properly. Have you ever tried looking for a black t-shirt in a poorly lit wardrobe, among a pile of dark clothes? Trust me, it is very time-consuming and it will lead you to unfold various t-shirts and items before you find the right one. Proper lighting can help you improve the user-friendliness of your wardrobe, as well as enhancing the sense of spaciousness that you will experience.

A radical revision.

There are many amazingly cheap and effective ways to improve your wardrobe as it is, but if you are looking for a completely different solution, you could actually consider a more radical overhaul of your entire wardrobe, by updating your furniture and starting from scratch! As I mentioned earlier, this is definitely not the cheapest way to go, but at times, it might be the best option, especially if you think that your existing wardrobe layout is really impractical and not worth the effort of trying to improve it at all. When you’d rather start again from the beginning, you’ll have the chance to think it through and take the time to explore more options, so that you can finally make the most out of your wardrobe space, and come up with a solution that would serve you remarkably well throughout every single season.

In conclusion, whether you do not want to spend a dime, or whether you have the budget to renew your entire wardrobe, there is so much you can do!

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