Storage under stairs to help create extra space

Modern families prioritize storage space. Whether you need space to keep holiday decorations or just those hand-me-downs your kids have outgrown, there is a plethora of hidden space in your home just waiting to be utilized. By finding underused space in your home, you can finally make your dreams of a organized and efficient home a reality.

One of the most commonly under-utilized storage spaces in today’s homes is under the stairs. Homes have been getting bigger for decades and most homes have one or more staircases. Whether you have basement, main floor or secondary level staircases, the space below can be used to store items that are not frequently needed.

Ensure this space is clean and dust-free before packing your items away. Since it is unlikely you will be checking this space often, choose water-tight storage options in case of an unexpected leak or other moisture. The space below the stairs is often a great choice to store holiday decorations, just make sure you pack away the most recent passed holiday first and leave the upcoming holidays accessible. Seasonal clothing, unused furniture and sporting equipment can be safely stored under the stairs as well, keeping these items safe but out of sight.

Since this is a common hiding space for children playing around the home, ensure your items or stacked securely and are not in danger of falling over if you have younger children in the home. With custom shelving, you can even turn this space into specialized space for the storage of tools, linens or hobby items. The options for customizing your below-stair storage space are endless and once you clean and organize this space, you will be shocked you never used it before! All families wish for more storage space, but take command today and find those hidden spaces just waiting for you.

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