storage for small spaces

Clever storage ideas for small bedrooms.

If have taken the time to read this article, you are probably living in or will be living in a home with a small bedroom. Perhaps you are renting a bedroom in a shared home with other tenants, which imposes additional, great storage challenges. Whatever your situation, you might be familiar with the hurdles of trying to store your things in a small bedroom space. One hurdle is finding the balance between storage space, convenience and sightliness. Thankfully there are so many useful, smart and clever things that you can do in order to maximise the full potential of your storage space without turning your small bedroom into a jungle. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most clever storage ideas for small bedrooms.

Use door hangers to store small items

Door hangers are relatively affordable and very convenient when it comes to storing things in any small bedroom. These items can be especially valuable as some door hangers can be used to showcase treasured possessions, and create an awesome design feature. For example, fancy, attractive clothing items are a great item to store from a door hanger to improve the aesthetics of the door and in turn the entire room. On the other hand, door hangers can be used to storage stuff which you will take with you each day such as wallets, bus cards, train cards, etc. This storage solution can also be very useful if you want to keep small toiletries, such as your toothbrushes, in your bedroom but together and out of the way. They can also be useful to store small pieces of clothing, including hats, gloves, scarves, socks, and even jewellery. A door hanger is an amazing way to turn a non-storage space into a storage space. Most people wouldn’t think to use their doors to store things on, but if you have a small bedroom, it can be a really good solution.

Pick your boxes cleverly.

If you’re talking about boxes, you probably know that there are so many options and varieties out there. Storage boxes are a very practical way to store many different items in the same place, keeping things out of the way and helping you organise your space in a much better way, a requirement of living in a small bedroom environment. Furthermore, storage boxes can help to protect items to varying degrees; the plastic storage boxes often offer the best protection. Boxes are particularly useful if you want to store items that pack well but don’t really fit in closets or on shelves. In addition to that, they can be useful for small electronics, such as phone chargers, batteries, flashlights, and so on.

Make the most out of your storage space and closet.

Your closet or wardrobe is probably one of the most important features of your small bedroom. You might be struggling to make the most of it, but instead of getting a bigger one, it is worth trying to organise it better. There are many different storage items that can be purchased to help to maximise storage space within a closet. However, there is a downside. Finding the balance between storage capacity, practicality and aesthetics is particularly difficult in a closet space. Having clothing items hanging all over the place can obstruct other items, making them difficult to get to or see. Furthermore, these items can sometimes collect dust. Moreover, the aesthetics of the closet is largely determined by its tidiness and sometimes, having a larger closet, or less items, is the only suitable storage solution.

Install shelves

Shelves hanging from your walls can be really practical and convenient. Moreover, they could also serve you as an ornamental add-on to your space, and they can even improve the looks of your bedroom. Shelves can be very useful as well because they enable you to store a wide variety of items. They are absolutely perfect for storing books, documents, and other small-medium sized items. In addition to that, they can provide extra space without the need to sacrifice any corner of your room at all. Some people even like to put up low hanging shelves that can double up as side tables next to their beds. This can be extremely practical and useful because they also keep free some of the space which a regular table would otherwise obstruct with its legs. This extra space could provide you with additional storage space or simply add to the aesthetics of the bedroom space, making it look more modern and far less cluttered.

Clothes racks

If you are looking for somewhere to store clothes, consider having an external clothes rack or even a hanging rod, which you could simply place somewhere between an existing piece of furniture and a wall of your room. This solution can be particularly perfect for storing dresses, as well as jackets or other clothing items. This way, you can keep these items outside of your wardrobe and use your wardrobe space for other things that won’t take up as much room. However, the items on a clothes rack with have to be cleaned very often and depending on the theme of the rest of the room a clothes rack may be unsightly.

This article is just a small window into the many solutions that are available to people with smaller bedrooms looking to improve the way they store their items without sacrificing too much of their space. Finding the balance between storage capacity, convenience and attractiveness can be difficult, particularly in a small bedroom space where capacity, convenience and attractiveness are all quite limited. Hopefully some of these solutions are suitable for your living space and help you sort through your storage situation.

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