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The Brief

This was a new house where the client was wanting to incorporate a laundry chute, but didn’t have the allowance space or cost wise for the builder to do so.


By cutting through the ceiling/floor between 2 a linen cupboard upstairs and the laundry downstairs, we were able to incorporate this laundry chute into this cupboard that came out directly over where their clothes basket would be stationed.


We used on site measure and quotes to get the initial idea and calculate a price, then had a cabinetmaker attend the site to do a final check measure before finally installing.

 As we were going to be cutting through the floor/ceiling, we had to liaise closely with the client’s plumber and electrician to make sure our design was not going to interfere with any of the cords or pipes already installed or that would be installed. We then cut through the floor/ceiling and created an angled panel inside this area to line up the top and bottom with their ideal entry/exit points in each room.


Through close liaisons between our cabinetmakers and those involved in building the house, we were able to create a completely custom solution to the client’s issue, that will remain in place for the house’s lifetime.