Optional extras when designing your wardrobe

Beyond just the basics of shelving and racks to keep your clothes on, there is a world of options that you can include in your custom designed wardrobe that will greatly enhance its beauty and functionality. Here are just a few ideas of the features that you might want to incorporate into a wardrobe for your Queensland home.

Wardrobe Extras to Make Your Life More Convenient 

One of the chief reasons that you might decide to invest in a custom wardrobe for your home is the little added conveniences that it can bring to your life. Instead of having to fight your way through a jungle of ties or scarfs to find that special shirt you want to wear. You can incorporate a slide out belt, tie or scarf rack that will always be out of your way but still keep your neckwear at your fingertips with a simple motion.

Instead of having to run to the laundry room to iron that skirt that somehow always seems to get wrinkled, you may like the idea of adding a swing away ironing board to make getting ready for your day that much easier or perhaps a laundry basket located right in your closet so you never have to worry about someone leaving clothes on the floor.

Wardrobe Extras That Add Beauty

Your idea of adding a little something extra to your wardrobe might mean dressing up the looks of your home. A mirrored door is always a great way to make a room look larger and nothing says uptown chic like clear or tinted glass doors. Maybe your idea beauty is having custom flocked display drawers for your jewellery. That one is simple.

Some other options you might want to look at are:

  • Custom Polished Edge, Bevelled Edge, and Framed Mirrors
  • Shoe Shelving
  • Trouser Racks
  • Locks for doors and drawers
  • MDF Colonial Doors
  • Melamine Doors

The entire point of having a custom wardrobe isn’t just to have more space to store items. It is to have a space that is uniquely yours and adds value to your life. Sit down with the custom wardrobes design team Lifestyle Wardrobes and allow them to show you how convenient and budget friendly the process can be.

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