Optional extras when designing your wardrobe

Beyond just the basics of shelving and racks to keep your clothes on, there is a world of options that you can include in your custom designed wardrobe that will greatly enhance its beauty and functionality. Here are just a few ideas of the features that you might want to incorporate into a wardrobe for your Queensland home.

Wardrobe Extras to Make Your Life More Convenient 

One of the chief reasons that you might decide to invest in a custom wardrobe for your home is the little added conveniences that it can bring to your life. Instead of having to fight your way through a jungle of ties or scarfs to find that special shirt you want to wear. You can incorporate a slide out belt, tie or scarf rack that will always be out of your way but still keep your neckwear at your fingertips with a simple motion.

Instead of having to run to the laundry room to iron that skirt that somehow always seems to get wrinkled, you may like the idea of adding a swing away ironing board to make getting ready for your day that much easier or perhaps a laundry basket located right in your closet so you never have to worry about someone leaving clothes on the floor.

Wardrobe Extras That Add Beauty

Your idea of adding a little something extra to your wardrobe might mean dressing up the looks of your home. A mirrored door is always a great way to make a room look larger and nothing says uptown chic like clear or tinted glass doors. Maybe your idea beauty is having custom flocked display drawers for your jewellery. That one is simple.

Some other options you might want to look at are:

  • Custom Polished Edge, Bevelled Edge, and Framed Mirrors
  • Shoe Shelving
  • Trouser Racks
  • Locks for doors and drawers
  • MDF Colonial Doors
  • Melamine Doors

The entire point of having a custom wardrobe isn’t just to have more space to store items. It is to have a space that is uniquely yours and adds value to your life. Sit down with the custom wardrobes design team Lifestyle Wardrobes and allow them to show you how convenient and budget friendly the process can be.

wardrobe with sliding doors

How Much Do Wardrobes Cost?

How much does a wardrobe cost? This is one of those questions that really doesn’t have an answer. In truth, within certain limits, a wardrobe can cost as much or as little as you want to spend.

Every person and every home are completely unique and there are so many options available that what your own idea of what a custom wardrobe should look like and what features it should have may be in a completely different spectrum from the person who lives next to you or across town.

A Wardrobes Function

To you, a wardrobe may be no more than a simple closet constructed out of utilitarian materials that serves its purpose and does little to nothing beyond the purpose of giving you a place to hang clothes. On the other end of the scale, your ideal space might be rich with exotic hardwoods. It might feature a sitting area, dressing area, display cases for your watches and jewellery, and a fully functional salon. Both wardrobes are completely within the realm of possibilities. It is just a matter of taste, budget, and mostly function. After all, one of the oldest and most sacred rules of design is form will always follow function.

A Wardrobes Size and Shape

Of course, the more features you add, the more space you are going to expect to need but part of the beauty of custom wardrobe construction is that by incorporating movable cabinetry an amazing amount of storage and design features can be included in a surprisingly small area and best of all it will all fit and look great.

You may believe that a square wardrobe will fit in a square corner but despite popular belief, there really aren’t any square corners or flat walls in any home. It is only from the attention to detail that true craftsmanship brings to the table that things can be made to appear smooth and properly finished. That is part of the beauty of custom work it looks like it belongs and is a natural part its surroundings.

At Lifestyle Wardrobes in Brisbane, we understand the meaning and value of individuality. We know that no two of our clients are exactly alike or have the same wants and needs. That is why we specialise in custom solutions to your storage needs. Visit our showroom on Aranda Street in Slacks Creek, sit down with our wardrobe design specialists and allow us to show you how easy it can be to have a custom wardrobe in your home.

custom wardrobe: the balance between practicality and aesthetics image

The custom wardrobe: the balance between practicality and aesthetics

To put it mildly, custom wardrobes are one of life’s little pleasures. Sure, a wardrobe is a functional place to store clothing, shoes and other items, but we know it’s much, much more than that.

So, let’s explore the area where practicality meets aesthetics and run through the many reasons you should consider installing a custom wardrobe – or five!

In just about every home, how you use space is important. Clutter needs to be hidden and a wardrobe is a great solution. But if you go the custom route, you can match your pick throughout the entire home, because custom wardrobes can also work in the study and even the laundry. They can hold books, cleaning products, linen and anything else you can think of, and that particular usage can be tailored for the kind of shelving and storage options you have in mind.

When it comes to the actual design of the custom wardrobe, the sky is the limit – for both inside and outside spaces. You can include:

• Shelves of different kinds

• Baskets

• Shoe racks

• Belt racks

• Hanging racks

• Hidden cabinets

In short, the style of your home and your personal taste should always be combined if possible. When you walk into a bedroom, what is one of the first things you spot? That’s right; the wardrobe, and if it doesn’t suit your taste or the design of your home, it’s going to stick out to your guests and constantly irritate you. A custom wardrobe can be styled to compliment the furnishings in your room, and be a real aesthetic centrepiece.

As we suggested, a custom wardrobe can be tailored for you just like a new suit or dress. Your intended usage, your budget, your tastes, and a myriad of other factors, can all be thrown into the pot for the absolute pinnacle in functionality and organisation – the perfect combination of both aesthetics and practicality.

A wardrobe should not be a household afterthought. In other words, a custom wardrobe is to be considered a permanent and durable solution for your home, with those shelves and racks to be thought about in the same way as your walls or modern kitchen. A great custom wardrobe is even considered a long-term investment, as it is an addition that can actually add value to your selling price.

living area wardrobe

Wardrobes Aren’t Just for the Bedroom

The word “wardrobe” has really become kind of a misnomer to us here at ‘Lifestyle Wardrobes’ of Brisbane. According to the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language, a wardrobe is “A large, tall cabinet in which clothes may be hung or stored.” While in a classical sense, this may be a correct definition, we all know that in today’s world of varied architectural styles and personal needs it really doesn’t come close to describing what the modern wardrobe can be.

Not only are today’s wardrobes more than large tall cabinets, they are complete storage systems that can hold much more than just clothes and unlike your grandmother’s wardrobe, which probably stood in the corner of her bedroom, they have now found a home in virtually every part of the house. There is a very good reason for this and it simply that our lives have become so complicated and crowded with different interest that we can never have enough storage.

Check out, just a couple of ideas on how adding custom wardrobes and storage areas throughout your Queensland home can make your life easier and home, more distinctive.

Storage for your Garage
For most people their garage is either the place they actually keep their cars or a place they dump everything they don’t know what else to do with. Instead or either/or why not make it both. The organisation that custom built storage can provide can give you ample room to store all those little extra in your life as well as your auto and all the tools and supplies you need to take proper care of it.

Living Rooms Made Easier
Bookcases, cabinets, and entertainment centres have been a staple of many homes for years, but they do have a few drawbacks. They are hard to move and clean under and in a home with small children they can present a safety hazard. With custom built-in units you eliminate all the above plus enhance the value of your home and if you are looking to make a distinctive fashion statement, you can even have cabinet doors or an entire wall.

These are just two of the areas that custom built storage units and wardrobes from ‘Lifestyle Wardrobes’ can help improve in your home. Come in and talk to their design specialist. Let them show you just how much more liveable they can make your home. You will be amazed at the wonders they can work.

winter wardrobes

Organising Your Winter Wardrobe

It is a job that we all dread and a subject that in general we will generally avoid at all cost. Cleaning out and organising our closets. It just seems like so much work. You have to make decisions about what to keep, what to throw out and what to store until next season.

For most of us, these are hard decisions to make and we only make them under the duress of not having enough room to keep everything that we would like to.

But, what if there was a way to make the entire process easier and less time consuming. The truth is, that with the exception of a few hardcore shopaholics and fashionistas, most of us have more than enough space in our wardrobes to hold all of our clothes, shoes and accessories, from season to season. What we don’t have, are properly organized wardrobes.

One Size Fits None
If you take an honest and critical look at your wardrobe you will probably find that there is more space being taken up by air than there is by your actual belongings. This is because the classic design of most wardrobes is for ease of construction and versatility rather than for you.

Using a closet with a standard layout is kind of like buying clothes that are marked one size fits all. When they should really be called one size fits none. Yes, they may serve the purpose and cover your bum, but really, they are never really comfortable or fit exactly right.

A Custom Wardrobe
With a custom wardrobe, you can better utilise the space you have available and that not only means being able to store more in less space it means you will be able to find the things you are looking for more easily.

A few simple changes like adding mid-bars for shorter clothes such as jackets and hanging slacks can double your bar space and adjustable shelving can give you the freedom to store anything from sweaters and bags to tall boots and watches, without wasting space with empty air or having to pile your belongings on the floor or on top of each other.

Honestly, there are so many options that the only way to really appreciate the possibilities is to work with a professional who specializes in designing and building custom wardrobes.

If you still have your jacket from Primary School or the dress you wore to your High School Formal, it is a pretty safe bet that you have kept it for a reason. It doesn’t matter what that reason is. Why should you have to go through having to justify not putting it in the charity pile, when you can simply customize and organize your wardrobe space and have extra room to work with?

Don’t put yourself through the stress of having to pick and choose what is worth keeping and what you need to let go of. Customize your wardrobe and see how much more room you can actually have. After all, fashions never really disappear, they just go in cycles and those flower power, bell bottom jeans, you’ve been hiding, are bound to be coming back in style any day now.

wardrobe bedroom walk-in

Building A Wardrobe That Combines A Balance Between Practicality And Aesthetics

Whether most people realise it or not, one of the largest investments they will make over the course of their lives will be in clothes and shoes. In fact, across Australia an average of $44 dollars is spent on clothing per week for every man, woman and child.

The questions that beg to be answered here is, why is it we spend so much on dressing ourselves and give so little thought to how we store and take care of the things we are investing our money in?

Having a custom wardrobe designed and built isn’t that expensive and by keeping our belongings organized and properly stored not only will help extend their useful life, but will also save us loads of time by making things easier to lay our hands on when we need them.

The process is really quite simple and besides being extremely practical, a custom wardrobe can actually improve the aesthetics of and beautify our homes.

What Will You Store in Your Robe
The first thing that we need to look at when we start designing you a custom wardrobe is what you are expecting to store in it.

If you collect shoes, then you will have to have shoe racks to display them on of course. If you wear long gowns or have long coats, then you will need a high or long hang bars, but if your style leans more to shirts, blouses, pants, short skirts and jackets, then a double hang arrangement will double your storage space.

Will you be keeping T-shirts, sweaters, and bags in your wardrobe? If so, you will need shelves or drawers, depending on your taste and size of your bags.

Do you have ties, belts or scarves that will need to be hung?

All of these considerations have to be taken into account so start by making a list of what items you most want to keep in your wardrobe and if you have limited space set their priority in case you have to make trade-offs.

Finally Your Space
Now that you know what you need space for and how strong a system you are going to need, it is finally time to look at your space.

This doesn’t just mean how much space you have available. It includes your décor and the type of space you want to create.

A major advantage to having a custom wardrobe is that besides being designed to maximize your storage space it can also be tailored to express your own unique sense of style and fashion.

Whether your taste runs to ultra modern utilitarian racks or classic hardwood chests you can have the wardrobe that matches you and your decor built to your exact specifications.

A wardrobe can be anything from a simple corner cabinet to an entire room dedicated to relaxing and preparing yourself. It can be down to earth or an extravagant work of art.

When you have it custom built, your wardrobe can be anything and everything you could want it to be.

pantry in kitchen area

Why is the pantry so overlooked ?

The kitchen is the heartbeat of your home. Memories are made in the kitchen, secrets are shared and traditions are created and passed down. The warm scents of baked delights or the savory aroma of a hearty meal never fails to delight and entice. It is impossible to ignore the importance of planning your kitchen space and creating an inviting and efficient design, while keeping the process simple and affordable. A custom pantry, large or small, can allow homeowners the freedom to create a space that meets their needs, while increasing a home’s value and appeal.

Creating a space for all the items needed to create kitchen magic need not be a hassle, requiring blueprints or the contemplation of tearing out walls. A simple unused corner, cupboard or even a spare closet can be transformed into a pantry that can help organize your home, creating clean lines and orderliness. Getting rid of cluttered counters and jam packed cupboards ranks high on the wish lists of most homeowners and a custom pantry can make those dreams a reality.

When designing a custom pantry, the first step is to find unused space in the kitchen. Don’t be picky. Narrow areas between appliances can be great hide-a-ways for sliding doors, low lying cupboards can be transformed with turntables and a narrow closet or cupboard can find new life with shelving and baskets. Make a list of all the spaces in your kitchen that are gathering dust or going unused and don’t count any space out. Even the smallest spaces can hide great potential.

As you add shelving and storage, consider what you normally need space for. Bakers are going to value heavy duty shelving that can hold hefty bags of flour, sugar, and salt. Gourmands will be impressed with neat trays for endless arrays of herbs. Consider your needs rather than just being impressed with the latest storage fads. If you have never needed 10 different types of oils, don’t assume you will once you have a pantry.

Lastly, create a space for open items. Pantries in magazines and online are rigorously arranged with everything neatly placed, and oddly unopened. Homes are real places where real people live. Consider storage for items in use. Make sure your pantry works for how you live. No matter how beautiful it looks online, if it doesn’t meet your needs, it’s not going to save you time or money. Choose wisely and choose with your family in mind.

mirrored sliding doors

Did you know Mirror Doors not only look great, but also make a small room appear larger!

While most homes feature a mirror in the bathroom or bedroom, few households have mastered the art of using mirrors to make their living space appear brighter, larger and more welcoming. By strategically placing a couple large mirrors around your home, you can have a significant impact on the feel of your décor.

However, small rooms with little wall space can make it challenging to place a mirror. Herein lies the beauty of mirrored doors: they are the perfect solution for subtly incorporating large mirrors without using up valuable wall space.

Keep reading to find out why large mirrors, such as mirrored doors, are an interior decorator’s best friend.

Mirrored Doors Brighten Up a Room
Mirrors reflect both artificial light and natural sunlight, making them the ideal design element for small spaces. By installing a mirrored door where it will be positioned across from or angled toward a light source, you can catch the light and allow it to more effectively spread throughout the room. This is an ideal solution for small spaces, as it eliminates the need to have a light source in every corner of the room.

A Perfect Solution for a Windowless Room
Windows naturally open up a space, allowing sun light to filter in and letting the room’s occupants enjoy nature’s soothing colors. Rooms without windows, especially small rooms, can feel cramped, gloomy and uninviting. To visually warm up a windowless room, consider using glossy paint and decorate with glass accents. A mirrored door, coupled with a variety of ambient lighting solutions, can open up a windowless room and create the illusion of a window by creating an additional light source on the wall.
Broadening a Small Space

Any space, regardless of its size, needs to flow visually. Mirrored doors offer an ideal way to create a clutter-free look while broadening the room. By creating an open flow, even a small space can appear bright, airy and inviting.

Are you interested in incorporating mirrored doors into your home’s décor? We can worth with you to develop customized solutions that will open up even the smallest rooms in your home.

coloured shelving cubes

Why the shelving cube is so popular

The versatile and sophisticated shelving cube is all the rage in custom interior design, and for good reason. Shelving cubes can be designed to fit any sized space, big or small, and even those with odd or uneven dimensions. Shelving cubes come in a multitude of styles, colors and finishes. The most popular designs offer a rainbow of colours to select from. Many styles have an open back and can be hung from the wall, though to custom building, you can choose the shelving cubes that fit your needs perfectly.

Shelving cubes can help you get your hectic lifestyle under control and organize daily life. Labeled and hung near the entryway, cubes are ideal for storing children’s backpacks, shoes and winter weather accessories. In a guest bathroom they make the perfect hideaway for extra towels and linens. Added to a kitchen or pantry, shelving cubes let you finally organize all those spices, bottles and spare china lying around your cabinets, stealing precious space. With a bit of creativity and unique placement, shelving cubes can make fun wine storage, media organizer and even a convenient place to keep your kitchen herb garden. With custom built shelving cubes, you can organize anything effortlessly, without taking away from your home’s ambiance.

Every so often an interior design fad is so integral to a well run home, you wonder how you ever lived without it. With the shelving cube, custom built to your home’s needs, you will never go back to large, ugly storage totes or plastic storage bags. Shelving cubes are insanely popular for the simple reason that they make perfect sense in keeping your home effortlessly organized and sophisticated, while being affordable for any size budget. Shevling cubes just make sense.

playroom shelving

The perfect playroom. Create the perfect place to play with shelving, drawers and cupboards.

If your household has children, then you are likely well acquainted with clutter. Between holidays, birthdays and other special occasions, the toy collection can quickly become overwhelming. By installing custom storage solutions, you can ensure that your playroom stays bright, organized and fun.

A Place for Everything

One common complaint of many families is that the playroom is their most cluttered space. With a wide range of oddly shaped toys, stuffed animals, craft supplies and more, utilising proper storage solutions is important. By installing custom shelves and cabinets, you can create a calm, organized environment that gives your child the floor space to freely enjoy their toys.

Storage Solutions for Craft Supplies

Colored pencils, crayons, paintbrushes, glue, glitter and markers: if you’re tired of trying to keep your child’s myriad of art and craft supplies sorted, you’ll want to check out our collection of supplies drawers and cupboards. With storage solutions that are customized to fit your space, even the smallest craft space offers a big opportunity for outstanding organization. Protect papers, folders and books from rips and creases while ensuring drawing supplies are kept in excellent condition. We make it easy to ensure that your child’s supplies are easily accessible for whenever the creativity bug bites.

Quick and Easy Cleanup

While children and parents alike dread cleanup time, a playroom that contains storage solutions such as cupboards, shelves and cabinets makes picking up at the end of the day quick and fun. Shelves and storage containers can be color coded, providing each child with a place to store their special belongings or to ensure that small toys to be put away in their proper place. Drawings can be safely stored away in cabinets with hangers, and books and magazines can be sorted into bookshelves. By creating an organized playroom, you can extend the life of your child’s books and toys while introducing them to the joy of a well-ordered space.

A Room that Grows With Your Child

As your child gets older and books and school supplies slowly begin to replace building blocks and dolls, a well-organized playroom can easily evolve to meet the changing needs. By utilizing the storage solutions you already have in place, you can ensure that your playroom continues to be a stress-free zone that fosters creativity and allows assignments to be completed efficiently.

Factory-made cabinets, shelves and cupboards are often ill-fitting for your playroom, causing you to waste money and space on ineffective storage solutions. By utilizing our customized storage solutions, you can be sure that every toy and art supply has a proper space while maximizing the floor space and aesthetic appeal of your playroom. Enjoy an organized playroom of which you can be proud.

Contact lifestyle wardrobes today to discuss your new project.