Storage under stairs to help create extra space

Modern families prioritize storage space. Whether you need space to keep holiday decorations or just those hand-me-downs your kids have outgrown, there is a plethora of hidden space in your home just waiting to be utilized. By finding underused space in your home, you can finally make your dreams of a organized and efficient home a reality.

One of the most commonly under-utilized storage spaces in today’s homes is under the stairs. Homes have been getting bigger for decades and most homes have one or more staircases. Whether you have basement, main floor or secondary level staircases, the space below can be used to store items that are not frequently needed.

Ensure this space is clean and dust-free before packing your items away. Since it is unlikely you will be checking this space often, choose water-tight storage options in case of an unexpected leak or other moisture. The space below the stairs is often a great choice to store holiday decorations, just make sure you pack away the most recent passed holiday first and leave the upcoming holidays accessible. Seasonal clothing, unused furniture and sporting equipment can be safely stored under the stairs as well, keeping these items safe but out of sight.

Since this is a common hiding space for children playing around the home, ensure your items or stacked securely and are not in danger of falling over if you have younger children in the home. With custom shelving, you can even turn this space into specialized space for the storage of tools, linens or hobby items. The options for customizing your below-stair storage space are endless and once you clean and organize this space, you will be shocked you never used it before! All families wish for more storage space, but take command today and find those hidden spaces just waiting for you.

laundry wardrobes

Designing your perfect laundry space with clever use of shelves and cupboards.

Designing Your Perfect Laundry Space with Custom Features

How much time do you spend doing laundry? Most households require a considerable part of each week spent in the laundry room. It makes sense to invest in this part of your home to make it as useful and functional as possible. When you design or make over your laundry room, you can employ custom shelving and cabinetry to create a space that is perfectly integrated with your family needs.

Custom Shelving

Installing custom shelving is an affordable way to create a well-organised space. Shelving allows you to keep useful items within reach but also stored out of your way. Custom shelving allows you to make the most of all your wall space. If your laundry area is small, shelves allow you to effectively employ the vertical space in your room for storing soap, linens, or other items you store in this area.

Custom Cabinetry

Cabinets are an excellent feature for laundry rooms because they allow you to store items out of sight. You can keep seasonal items stored conveniently as well as extra blankets and linens, detergents, and other items you typically keep in your laundry room. You can even create cabinet stations for each member of your household to store their laundry bins, towels, or other items that belong to them.

To enhance the functionality and organisation of your laundry room or area, consider designing your space with custom shelves and cabinets. You can even choose these features to complement the colour and style of your room.

cupboards under window

Organise your living room with clever wardrobe ideas

In some cases, maintaining a clutter-free living room can be quite a challenge, particularly if you have a mess of items looming about. Things can easily pile up, especially if you still don’t have a good method to organise your belongings in your home. In particular, clothing items are usually spread out to several places in several rooms, making it difficult to track things and find what you need. In addition to that, objects lying around everywhere can occupy so much space, making your living room and other rooms in the house feel smaller and less inviting. Keep reading to learn more about organising your living room with these flexible wardrobe tips that will help you rethink the way you go about fixing up your space!

Floor storage

Floor storage is often overlooked, but it can be an amazing way to save some space and get some smaller items out of the way. For instance, you could consider flat boxes that would fit under couches, beds or furniture. These are ideal to store documents, as well as small clothing items and accessories, ranging from socks and underwear to jewellery and pretty much anything else that can fit. Obviously, you probably don’t want to have stuff just laying around on the floor in boxes, but if you look at the space under your existing furniture and amenities, you could certainly find a good use for it, instead of just leaving it there to collect dust.

Using the right illumination and lighting.

Poor illumination can make it a lot harder to navigate through your stuff, particularly clothes. In addition to that, it can also make your living room space and other areas of the house feel a lot smaller and more cluttered. If you are looking for ways to maximise the openness of your space, you should definitely consider improving the lighting solutions in and around your wardrobe. This will make it a lot easier to make it feel bigger and easier to navigate, improving your situation in many ways.

Different boxes for different purposes.

Boxes are really great to store smaller items, such as socks, hats, scarves or even shoes. Instead of just dumping things into drawers, you can organise your drawer/closet spaces by using smaller boxes to categorise your stuff within. This method can actually help you save a lot more space, meaning that you can easily optimise your wardrobe. In addition to that, boxes will make it a lot of easier for you to sort through things and navigate through your items, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time to find what you actually need or want.

Get rid of what you don’t want or need.

One of the reasons why our wardrobes pile up is that we simply have too much stuff that we do not actually need. What about that ratty old sweater you never wear anymore? Or that hand-me-down from your aunt ten years ago? Or even that bulky winter jacket you don’t like anymore? For some people, it is not always easy to get rid of stuff, even if they do not actually use it anymore. However, if you manage to pull the plunge, you might definitely experience that getting rid of stuff that you no longer want or need has a good decluttering feeling, not only for your home but also for your state of mind!

If you remove unwanted clothing items or old stuff that you simply don’t wear or want anymore, perhaps you won’t even have do anything more than that to optimise your space, because you just end up recovering so much of it! Maybe it’s time for that long overdue trip to the Salvos after all!

Door storage.

Door storage systems are not exactly flattering when it comes to the aesthetics of a room, but they can come in handy in a closet, or in a bathroom, any space where practicality wins over looks. Using door storage systems, you can save space and improve the way you store smaller items. Door storage systems usually have “pockets” which enable you to store a wide variety of items in a very seamless and practical way, from socks and underwear to jewellery, scarves, ties and other accessories, providing an excellent space-saving solution. Most door storage products are also quite affordable and relatively easy to install, making for a truly excellent alternative in many circumstances.


These are only some practical, simple and really affordable tips that anybody can implement in order to enhance space consciousness in their homes, and enhance the flexibility of their wardrobe space, while also saving their living room and other areas from clutter!


bedroom wordrobe picture with yellow cushions

10 ways to make the most of your wardrobe space

Your wardrobe can be an absolute mess, making it hard for you to get to your clothing items. It should be fun to go through your stuff and pick your outfit of the day, not a daunting chore. If you want to improve your experience significantly, keep reading this article to learn more and rethink the way you approach your wardrobe space with these simple tips.

Get rid of stuff that you do not actually want: removing unwanted items from your wardrobe might be quite tough for some. We all like to stash many things away, and hoarding clothes is a common problem. How many clothing items do you own that you actually haven’t used in years and that you’ll probably never use again? Getting rid of unwanted clutter in your wardrobe can be hard at first, but it can also be a very positive experience, not only because you’ll be able to declutter your wardrobe space, but also because you will be able to gain some peace of mind, knowing that you don’t have a mess of unwanted items you don’t even use, just laying about.

Improve the lighting of your wardrobe to maximize its efficiency: proper illumination can be truly essential. In fact, it can be an amazing way to improve the appeal of your wardrobe. Not only will it look fantastic, it will be much easier to navigate through it with proper lighting. Finding clothing items in a dimly lit wardrobe can be stressful and time-consuming.

Use boxes and other flexible storage solutions for smaller items: boxes can be your wardrobe’s best friends. You can stack them easily, use them in place of drawers, and come up with a huge range of useful application to store anything from shoes to small items and jewelry.

Use mirrors: if you have a dimly lit wardrobe, and don’t have the chance to improve lighting, you could consider installing a mirror. This can be useful to try on an outfit or check your style, but it can also reflect some existing light and give off a sense of extended brightness and luminosity. Ancient civilizations often used this neat trick as a way to reflect light and illuminate much larger rooms.

Implement shoe racks to keep things tidier: shoe racks can be quite useful, and as the name implies, they are actually perfect for shoes. However, they can serve you well in many other applications. Many people love to store smaller boxes in their shoe racks, almost as if they were makeshifts drawers.

Consider using door storage solutions: door storage solutions are almost often overlooked. Having said that, they can also enhance the space optimization of your wardrobe, because they are flat, leaning towards the back of your door. These are ideal to store smaller objects, clothing items or accessories – from beanies and socks, down to pocket watches, jewelry items and a lot more.

Learn how to fold things neatly and with a specific method: folding clothes properly is a great habit to keep your items neat and wrinkle-free. In addition to that, it is actually a fantastic way for people to save additional wardrobe space. Adopting the right folding technique can be tricky at first, but once you get used to it, there is no looking back.
Keep off-season clothes out of reach when you do not actually need to use them: there is no reason to actually clutter up your space with seasonal clothes that you aren’t wearing. Consider stacking off-season clothes somewhere out of sight, so they aren’t in the way, causing more clutter in your wardrobe.

Consider optimizing your wardrobe with different furniture: if you want a radical fix, you could consider buying different furniture or changing up the layout of your wardrobe. This is a more expensive option, but worth it if you are in need of a complete wardrobe overhaul. The benefit of overhauling your wardrobe from top to bottom is that you can actually take some time to design and plot your ideal space, especially now that you have a clearer idea of what did and what did not work with your initial wardrobe design. There are many possibilities, and it’s up to you to come up with a cool, creative and practical wardrobe idea.

Label things and keep track of your items: this is particularly useful for people who have a very large wardrobe. In particular, it is great to facilitate navigation, so you know exactly where everything is located at any given time. Labeling can be a fantastic system, but you also need to stick to it. It’s so common to see wardrobes that are properly labeled, yet the owners did not manage to keep up with their organization. As a result, you’ll find things out of place and even more confusing than before.

These ten simple tips will certainly aid you in the process of rescuing your wardrobe from an absolute mess, and you are certainly going to be able to come up with smart solutions for your clothes, without breaking the bank.

wardrobe render with shelving

How To Design The Perfect Walk-In Wardrobe

Eight tips to increase the efficiency, practicality, and appeal of your walk-in wardrobe.

Many people dream of setting up the perfect walk-in wardrobe. It is a really amazing way to keep your clothes and accessories organized, and accessible. Yet, many walk-in wardrobes out there can easily turn into cluttered, unorganized nightmares!

We want you to be happy about your walk-in space, so we compiled a list of useful tips that will help you improve on it. If you want to avoid the perils and discomfort of hastily put-together wardrobe space, keep reading to learn more!

Create a good compromise between usefulness and practicality.

Many people think about the practical features of walk-in wardrobes. Such aspects are decidedly very important, but looks matter too! If you have the chance to make your wardrobe beautiful, you’ll feel much better when you use it. A beautiful walk-in is definitely a more comfortable space, which will help you enjoy your clothing and accessories, and why not, even help you fall in love with something that you haven’t worn in a while!

It’s likely that you won’t have room for most decorations, but wallpapers or posters can certainly help you customize the looks of your wardrobe. The choice of furniture (shelves, boxes…) can also help you define the style you’re after. Whether you are a sucker for traditional designs or sleek modern minimalism, anything is possible.

Be mindful about the layout of your wardrobe.

One of the most important elements in the creation of a proper walk-in wardrobe is its layout. The layout is essentially the spatial organization of the wardrobe. It will help you define how you organize the space, and where everything should go. When planning for the ideal layout, it is very important to consider the space you have at hand. How big is the room? Can you save space with floor storage solutions (such as boxes)? Will shelves come in handy? Are your favorite drawers going to fit?

Don’t forget that proper layout isn’t just about optimizing the design of your wardrobe, but it is also all about making your clothes and accessories easier to access and enjoy. The layout of your walk-in should ultimately be very user-friendly. The last thing you want is to spend an inconsiderate amount of time digging for stuff!

Keep it organized.

Even if you have the best walk-in space in the world, with the finest layout, you need to keep it organized. Make sure you don’t slack and put every item right where it belongs! Many people tend to get lazy and throw their clothes wherever they see an opening. This defies the entire concept of wardrobe organization, and in turn, it will turn your walk-in closet into an absolute mess to deal with!

Use hanging rails to maximize space

Hanging rails can be a godsend, especially if you have a relatively small space to use as your walk-in wardrobe. Rails can be the best solution to hang jackets, shirts, dresses, and other items, such as scarves and ponchos. You can even choose to hang jeans and pants if you don’t feel like folding them in a drawer. There are many types of hanging rails available. Some of them are simple and affordable, yet effective in most situations. Other types are more sophisticated and costly, and they might suit a more advanced walk-in design.

Maximize space with drawers or use open shelves.

Drawers are absolutely amazing to store small items. They enable you to seamlessly manage your underwear, socks, hats, and other accessories, going for a de-cluttered, organized solution.

If you are not a fan of closets, you could actually opt for open shelves. These are usually great alternatives for those who prefer a more visual and open set up for smaller items.

Include a mirror, if you have space.

If you have the space for it, you could consider including a mirror into your walk-in. This is a great way to get ready quickly, and immediately gain a better perspective on your desired look for the day!
A mirror directly located in your walk-in can be very practical. This means that you do not have to run back and forth when you actually want to try different things or change it up!

Floor baskets and shoe racks.

Don’t waste all the floor space! You could consider floor baskets or boxes to store some items. Shoe racks are popular options as a neat, streamlined collection to organize your shoes.
In addition to that, wire baskets or canvas boxes can be great to feature smaller items, such as socks, underwear, scarves, or gloves, only to mention a few. You can also stack up boxes where you store your off-season clothes if you don’t need them at any given time of the year. This can help you keep your wardrobe more current and tailor it to the specific season.

Proper illumination.

Don’t forget to arrange proper illumination for your walk-in! In most cases, people underestimate the importance of great lighting. As a result, you might end up with a wardrobe that feels too dark and cavernous, making it difficult to access and find things.

By contrast, a well-lit walk-in will look more inviting, and it will be much easier to navigate over time. There are many ways you can go about sorting lighting. Eco light bulbs are great, but directional LEDs can also work wonders in a smaller space. It’s really down to your preferences!

In conclusion, these are only some of the simple things you can do to turn your walk-in into something to be proud of.

When you open your wardrobe, you shouldn’t feel like you have to deal with a mess of clothes: you should feel like a true star, looking for the perfect outfit to wear any day, during any season out there!

bedroom custom wardrobe design

Benefits of selecting custom wardrobes

Whether your bedroom is expansive, vast or cozy, a custom built wardrobe is now an affordable option that can be worked into any renovation budget. As manufacturing processes have improved and building materials reduced in cost, custom wardrobes and shelving is within the reach of the almost all and can be incorporated into your private space. This is an unprecedented option to create a space that is perfect for your home.

Custom built wardrobes allow homeowners to utilise space wisely. By designing the exact type and number of drawers needed, you can ensure there is no wasted space and nothing included that is not needed. What good is a tie rack for a businesswoman or a lingerie drawer for a grandfather? Why not ensure you get exactly the storage space you need, with no wasted space or useless options? This is not only possible, but also affordable.

An ideal option for anyone with disabilities or special needs, you can now choose design options that work for your daily life. A custom wardrobe can work for you and make your life easier. A custom designed wardrobe is a great option for placing storage right at your fingertips, without ever having the frustration of shelving that is too high to be used, too low to empty easily or awkwardly sized. They can be mixed and matched with deep storage drawers, hanging space, compartments for sorting and a variety of other storage options.

Wardrobes designed to your space can be incorporated to any style. Modern finishes or traditional standards are options that will match with your current decor. Hardware can be matched to coordinate with your existing color scheme and dimensions can be designed to ensure easy cleaning . A custom built wardrobe is a luxury that is now within reach, why not make your bedroom space a beautiful and relaxing living space?

bathroom shelves

It’s the small things that matter when designing your bathroom storage.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house and often being the smallest room, space is at a premium. Having a well-designed bathroom is a priceless addition to your house that will serve your needs without feeling outdated. It is the little things that matter when it comes to bathroom storage design. You need to make sure you have the right pieces to help you solve storage issues and keep the bathroom neat, clean, and tidy. When things are put away in an organized way, you can easily find what you need, especially when you are in a hurry to get ready in the morning.

If you are considering designing your bathroom storage, here are essential things you need to do to create a design that will give you smoother mornings ahead.

Make the best use of your bathroom space

When designing your bathroom storage, make the best use of the bathroom space. You need to do a lot of planning to get the right amount of storage in a bathroom. Choose the right storage fixture to give the bathroom a sense of comfort and organization. A few simple built-ins can help with storage making your bathroom feel open and clean. Organizing the stuff you need to store and trashing all the items that serve no purpose or outdated, is vital if you are looking to make the most out of your bathroom space. The bathroom will become more attractive when it is clean and organized, and this is an important step to help you minimize the amount of stuff in the bathroom making your space feel renewed.

Pick the best bathroom storage item

Do a lot of balancing between what you need functionally and what you want in terms of the style of the room. Make a complete list of the furniture and items you will need and work out and where they will be housed. Your collection should include everything from bathroom storage cabinets to shelving to bath racks to towel rods to in-shower solution and dispensers. Whether you prefer a classic, modern, sleek, themed, or traditional fittings, there are hundreds of unique storage furniture and products available. Choose durable and water resistant material.

The key to picking the best bathroom storage items is to choose the piece that will give you the storage room you need, work with your space, and add to the aesthetic value to your bathroom space.

The storage accessories that you add to your bathroom will create the feel and look of the room. With that in mind, go for the bathroom storage pieces that compliment your style. Stick with a design that is capable of delivering the function you need and pick colors that make a bold statement in your bathroom. These essential features will help you create a neat and beautiful bathroom where you can relax and unwind

organising garage

Have you ever daydreamed of having a perfectly organised garage ?

If your household is like most, your garage is one of the most disorganised rooms in your home. From gardening equipment to power tools, your garage becomes the landing ground for a wide assortment of hard-to-organise belongings. By incorporating custom built storage solutions, you can reclaim your garage as a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing space. Not only will this allow for ample room for your vehicle, but it may also provide you with a place that is perfect for work or play, especially on rainy days.

Whether you want to create a custom workspace or you simply wish to restore your garage’s functionality, we offer the storage solutions you need to have a garage of which you can be proud. By choosing custom designed storage solutions for your garage, you can ensure that you make maximum use of your space. While factory assembled solutions waste valuable floor space and may not properly accommodate your belongings, our custom shelves and cabinets are tailored to fit your space and your things. You’ll never have to worry about finding the tools or gear you need, making it easy to complete home improvement and repair projects. From shelves to cupboards, we can provide everything you need to enjoy an organised space.

Custom Shelving
If your garage offers limited floor space, custom shelves are the perfect storage solution for you. A cost effective way to make the most of your wall space, shelves allow you to keep expensive belongings and equipment off the floor and out of harm’s way. Your tools, outside toys, hobby and recreational gear can be attractively and conveniently displayed. Whether you choose to install custom shelves on a small section of a wall, or you decide to install shelves across an entire wall, you can enjoy more floor space in your garage instantly.

Custom Cabinets
Ideal for tools of all sizes, potentially dangerous chemicals, outside toys or anything else that you want to store, custom cabinets are another storage option for any garage. Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours, custom cabinets allow you to create a storage solution that is tailored to the needs of your household. Cabinets also provide the option of lock installation, allowing you to protect expensive power tools or keep harmful chemicals away from children or pets.

With customised storage solutions, you can ensure that your belongings are organised and easily accessible. Whether you colour code your custom cabinets and shelves to provide each family member with storage space for their belongings, or you simply want to get expensive tools off of the ground, we offer a wide range of storage solutions to meet your unique needs.

Creating a great wardrobe for the bedroom

Storing your clothing the right way can make for a relaxed and efficient experience. If you want to always be able to find the clothing you want, then absolutely have to take the time to create a wardrobe space that works for you. This may require creating a wardrobe space or it may simple require redesigning your wardrobe space. There are several things you can do to make a wardrobe space that is easy to use.

Increase access
Think about how you are currently storing your clothing. How much of that clothing can you see and touch at any one time? In an ideal situation you would be able to see and access as much of your clothing as possible at anyone time. For many people this is not the case, but there are things you can do to increase your access to the clothing you want to wear. One great option is to create a walk in wardrobe. This will all you to see and access your entire wardrobe at once. If you live somewhere that will not allow you to create a walk in wardrobe, then consider displaying as much of your wardrobe as possible in a single closet.

Once you have done everything you can to increase the amount of access you have to your clothes, then you should next move towards organizing your clothing as much as possible. There are many different systems of organising clothes, but one of the best ways to organise is to start by organising your clothing by type on shelves and in drawers.

Change the shelving to suit your needs
Everyone has different purposes for their wardrobe. Some people need to store hundreds of pairs of shoes in their wardrobe, while other people have only a few pairs of shoes, but tons of underwear. You have a truly unique purpose for your wardrobe, so you need to customise your wardrobe to suit that purpose. If you need more space for shoes, then you should create a place for your extra shoes in your wardrobe. Failing to do so will lead to loose shoes throughout your closet, which is a tripping hazard for you. If you find that you need shelves for your underwear, then you need to add them. Adding the shelving you need to your wardrobe can be done in several ways. If you own the home, then you can hire someone to build the shelving you want where you want it. This will create a more functional wardrobe in your wardrobe. Designing your wardrobe to suit your needs is a critical step to making the best possible wardrobe.

Setting up a proper wardrobe is an important step in your professional and personal life and it is critical to take the time to maximize your access, organise your wardrobe, and customise your wardrobe in order to create the perfect wardrobe for you.

5 Easy Tips For Storing Your Off-Season Clothes

Keeping your clothes in tip-top condition between seasons can be a challenge, especially when going between the extreme warm to chilly months of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

For many people, it can be tempting to simply fold and shove your clothes into a plastic tub somewhere out of the way like under the bed, but that can be fairly counter-productive if you want to keep your clothes in good condition. 

A custom built in wardrobe will help with neat and organised storage, however, there are more factors to safely and effectively storing your clothes. 

This brief guide will help you store your clothes so they stay just as you left them. 

1. Thoroughly Clean Your Clothes

To avoid dirt, dust and other contaminants building up and creating a frustrating situation after months or years of storage, be sure that your clothes are properly cleaned before being placed in storage. Clean clothes feel far fresher when they’re pulled from storage, and while there may be some storage smell, it certainly will be the start of the best storage outcome.

2. Understanding The Best Methods For Storing Clothing

Different clothing types work better with different wardrobe and storage solutions, and your personal preference and storage capabilities also play a part. 

If you’re storing your clothes for a prolonged period, it can be tempting to hang them to avoid creating creases and folds. However, hanging clothes can damage their shape over time, drawing the fabric out and negatively affecting the look and quality. Folding your clothes for long-term storage is definitely the preferred option. 

Your storage solution can have a large impact on how well your clothes survive storage. Plastic storage containers can trap moisture, which will cause your clothes to come out musty and possibly damaged from dampness. Cardboard can attract bugs and rodents, which you don’t want infesting your clothes. 

Use a storage method that lets clothes to breathe, cotton bins and suitcases are great option for Brisbane and these warmer areas, and nothing beats a well-constructed custom built in wardrobe with custom storage abilities for hiding away your off-season clothes. You can see a few before and after Lifestyle Wardrobes examples here:

3. Keep Your Clothes In A Cool, Dry and Dark Place

You want to keep your clothes at a cool temperature, so they don’t attract moisture, and their size and consistency are not affected. It likely goes without saying that they’ll need to be kept bone dry at all times too.

A dark location is ideal as you don’t want colours to fade during storage. A custom built wardrobes or similar quality storage solution is ideal.

4. Be Wary Of Moths And Other Bugs

The occasional moth might not seem like a big deal, but they rarely come alone. Moth outbreaks in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast can be devastating and could cost you thousands of dollars in damaged clothing. There’s nothing worse than pulling out your favourite jumper for the winter only to find that it’s been destroyed with little holes. 

Moth balls are one option, however they aren’t the healthiest or most efficient option. Sachets of lavender or other herbal repellants will do a great job of repelling moths, and may also give your clothes a slightly nicer scent than moth balls. Vacuum sealed clothing bags can be great too, but you will still need to store them somewhere safe where mice or other bugs can not chew through the plastic.

5. Check In On Your Clothes

If you’re using a less than ideal storage solution, be sure to check in on your clothes. Look out for the signs of moth or rodent infestations, and make sure everything is in tip-top shape for the next season. If you’ve got some time on your hands, it doesn’t hurt to fluff them out and refold them for continued storage. 

In Summary, make sure you:

  • Clean and dry your clothes thoroughly
  • Use cotton bins or suitcases that can breathe
  • Keep your cotton bins or suitcases in a cool, dry and dark place
  • Protect the area against moths and other bugs
  • Check on your clothes now and then
  • Store Your Clothes In A Quality, Cost Effective Custom Wardrobe!

If you want to learn more about designing a unique and stylish walk in wardrobe for your bedroom or any other room for storage, simply contact the Lifestyle Wardrobes team today on 1300 550 315 or click here: