pantry in kitchen area

Why is the pantry so overlooked ?

The kitchen is the heartbeat of your home. Memories are made in the kitchen, secrets are shared and traditions are created and passed down. The warm scents of baked delights or the savory aroma of a hearty meal never fails to delight and entice. It is impossible to ignore the importance of planning your kitchen space and creating an inviting and efficient design, while keeping the process simple and affordable. A custom pantry, large or small, can allow homeowners the freedom to create a space that meets their needs, while increasing a home’s value and appeal.

Creating a space for all the items needed to create kitchen magic need not be a hassle, requiring blueprints or the contemplation of tearing out walls. A simple unused corner, cupboard or even a spare closet can be transformed into a pantry that can help organize your home, creating clean lines and orderliness. Getting rid of cluttered counters and jam packed cupboards ranks high on the wish lists of most homeowners and a custom pantry can make those dreams a reality.

When designing a custom pantry, the first step is to find unused space in the kitchen. Don’t be picky. Narrow areas between appliances can be great hide-a-ways for sliding doors, low lying cupboards can be transformed with turntables and a narrow closet or cupboard can find new life with shelving and baskets. Make a list of all the spaces in your kitchen that are gathering dust or going unused and don’t count any space out. Even the smallest spaces can hide great potential.

As you add shelving and storage, consider what you normally need space for. Bakers are going to value heavy duty shelving that can hold hefty bags of flour, sugar, and salt. Gourmands will be impressed with neat trays for endless arrays of herbs. Consider your needs rather than just being impressed with the latest storage fads. If you have never needed 10 different types of oils, don’t assume you will once you have a pantry.

Lastly, create a space for open items. Pantries in magazines and online are rigorously arranged with everything neatly placed, and oddly unopened. Homes are real places where real people live. Consider storage for items in use. Make sure your pantry works for how you live. No matter how beautiful it looks online, if it doesn’t meet your needs, it’s not going to save you time or money. Choose wisely and choose with your family in mind.

mirrored sliding doors

Did you know Mirror Doors not only look great, but also make a small room appear larger!

While most homes feature a mirror in the bathroom or bedroom, few households have mastered the art of using mirrors to make their living space appear brighter, larger and more welcoming. By strategically placing a couple large mirrors around your home, you can have a significant impact on the feel of your décor.

However, small rooms with little wall space can make it challenging to place a mirror. Herein lies the beauty of mirrored doors: they are the perfect solution for subtly incorporating large mirrors without using up valuable wall space.

Keep reading to find out why large mirrors, such as mirrored doors, are an interior decorator’s best friend.

Mirrored Doors Brighten Up a Room
Mirrors reflect both artificial light and natural sunlight, making them the ideal design element for small spaces. By installing a mirrored door where it will be positioned across from or angled toward a light source, you can catch the light and allow it to more effectively spread throughout the room. This is an ideal solution for small spaces, as it eliminates the need to have a light source in every corner of the room.

A Perfect Solution for a Windowless Room
Windows naturally open up a space, allowing sun light to filter in and letting the room’s occupants enjoy nature’s soothing colors. Rooms without windows, especially small rooms, can feel cramped, gloomy and uninviting. To visually warm up a windowless room, consider using glossy paint and decorate with glass accents. A mirrored door, coupled with a variety of ambient lighting solutions, can open up a windowless room and create the illusion of a window by creating an additional light source on the wall.
Broadening a Small Space

Any space, regardless of its size, needs to flow visually. Mirrored doors offer an ideal way to create a clutter-free look while broadening the room. By creating an open flow, even a small space can appear bright, airy and inviting.

Are you interested in incorporating mirrored doors into your home’s décor? We can worth with you to develop customized solutions that will open up even the smallest rooms in your home.

coloured shelving cubes

Why the shelving cube is so popular

The versatile and sophisticated shelving cube is all the rage in custom interior design, and for good reason. Shelving cubes can be designed to fit any sized space, big or small, and even those with odd or uneven dimensions. Shelving cubes come in a multitude of styles, colors and finishes. The most popular designs offer a rainbow of colours to select from. Many styles have an open back and can be hung from the wall, though to custom building, you can choose the shelving cubes that fit your needs perfectly.

Shelving cubes can help you get your hectic lifestyle under control and organize daily life. Labeled and hung near the entryway, cubes are ideal for storing children’s backpacks, shoes and winter weather accessories. In a guest bathroom they make the perfect hideaway for extra towels and linens. Added to a kitchen or pantry, shelving cubes let you finally organize all those spices, bottles and spare china lying around your cabinets, stealing precious space. With a bit of creativity and unique placement, shelving cubes can make fun wine storage, media organizer and even a convenient place to keep your kitchen herb garden. With custom built shelving cubes, you can organize anything effortlessly, without taking away from your home’s ambiance.

Every so often an interior design fad is so integral to a well run home, you wonder how you ever lived without it. With the shelving cube, custom built to your home’s needs, you will never go back to large, ugly storage totes or plastic storage bags. Shelving cubes are insanely popular for the simple reason that they make perfect sense in keeping your home effortlessly organized and sophisticated, while being affordable for any size budget. Shevling cubes just make sense.

Storage under stairs to help create extra space

Modern families prioritize storage space. Whether you need space to keep holiday decorations or just those hand-me-downs your kids have outgrown, there is a plethora of hidden space in your home just waiting to be utilized. By finding underused space in your home, you can finally make your dreams of a organized and efficient home a reality.

One of the most commonly under-utilized storage spaces in today’s homes is under the stairs. Homes have been getting bigger for decades and most homes have one or more staircases. Whether you have basement, main floor or secondary level staircases, the space below can be used to store items that are not frequently needed.

Ensure this space is clean and dust-free before packing your items away. Since it is unlikely you will be checking this space often, choose water-tight storage options in case of an unexpected leak or other moisture. The space below the stairs is often a great choice to store holiday decorations, just make sure you pack away the most recent passed holiday first and leave the upcoming holidays accessible. Seasonal clothing, unused furniture and sporting equipment can be safely stored under the stairs as well, keeping these items safe but out of sight.

Since this is a common hiding space for children playing around the home, ensure your items or stacked securely and are not in danger of falling over if you have younger children in the home. With custom shelving, you can even turn this space into specialized space for the storage of tools, linens or hobby items. The options for customizing your below-stair storage space are endless and once you clean and organize this space, you will be shocked you never used it before! All families wish for more storage space, but take command today and find those hidden spaces just waiting for you.

bathroom shelves

It’s the small things that matter when designing your bathroom storage.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house and often being the smallest room, space is at a premium. Having a well-designed bathroom is a priceless addition to your house that will serve your needs without feeling outdated. It is the little things that matter when it comes to bathroom storage design. You need to make sure you have the right pieces to help you solve storage issues and keep the bathroom neat, clean, and tidy. When things are put away in an organized way, you can easily find what you need, especially when you are in a hurry to get ready in the morning.

If you are considering designing your bathroom storage, here are essential things you need to do to create a design that will give you smoother mornings ahead.

Make the best use of your bathroom space

When designing your bathroom storage, make the best use of the bathroom space. You need to do a lot of planning to get the right amount of storage in a bathroom. Choose the right storage fixture to give the bathroom a sense of comfort and organization. A few simple built-ins can help with storage making your bathroom feel open and clean. Organizing the stuff you need to store and trashing all the items that serve no purpose or outdated, is vital if you are looking to make the most out of your bathroom space. The bathroom will become more attractive when it is clean and organized, and this is an important step to help you minimize the amount of stuff in the bathroom making your space feel renewed.

Pick the best bathroom storage item

Do a lot of balancing between what you need functionally and what you want in terms of the style of the room. Make a complete list of the furniture and items you will need and work out and where they will be housed. Your collection should include everything from bathroom storage cabinets to shelving to bath racks to towel rods to in-shower solution and dispensers. Whether you prefer a classic, modern, sleek, themed, or traditional fittings, there are hundreds of unique storage furniture and products available. Choose durable and water resistant material.

The key to picking the best bathroom storage items is to choose the piece that will give you the storage room you need, work with your space, and add to the aesthetic value to your bathroom space.

The storage accessories that you add to your bathroom will create the feel and look of the room. With that in mind, go for the bathroom storage pieces that compliment your style. Stick with a design that is capable of delivering the function you need and pick colors that make a bold statement in your bathroom. These essential features will help you create a neat and beautiful bathroom where you can relax and unwind

playroom shelving

The perfect playroom. Create the perfect place to play with shelving, drawers and cupboards.

If your household has children, then you are likely well acquainted with clutter. Between holidays, birthdays and other special occasions, the toy collection can quickly become overwhelming. By installing custom storage solutions, you can ensure that your playroom stays bright, organized and fun.

A Place for Everything

One common complaint of many families is that the playroom is their most cluttered space. With a wide range of oddly shaped toys, stuffed animals, craft supplies and more, utilising proper storage solutions is important. By installing custom shelves and cabinets, you can create a calm, organized environment that gives your child the floor space to freely enjoy their toys.

Storage Solutions for Craft Supplies

Colored pencils, crayons, paintbrushes, glue, glitter and markers: if you’re tired of trying to keep your child’s myriad of art and craft supplies sorted, you’ll want to check out our collection of supplies drawers and cupboards. With storage solutions that are customized to fit your space, even the smallest craft space offers a big opportunity for outstanding organization. Protect papers, folders and books from rips and creases while ensuring drawing supplies are kept in excellent condition. We make it easy to ensure that your child’s supplies are easily accessible for whenever the creativity bug bites.

Quick and Easy Cleanup

While children and parents alike dread cleanup time, a playroom that contains storage solutions such as cupboards, shelves and cabinets makes picking up at the end of the day quick and fun. Shelves and storage containers can be color coded, providing each child with a place to store their special belongings or to ensure that small toys to be put away in their proper place. Drawings can be safely stored away in cabinets with hangers, and books and magazines can be sorted into bookshelves. By creating an organized playroom, you can extend the life of your child’s books and toys while introducing them to the joy of a well-ordered space.

A Room that Grows With Your Child

As your child gets older and books and school supplies slowly begin to replace building blocks and dolls, a well-organized playroom can easily evolve to meet the changing needs. By utilizing the storage solutions you already have in place, you can ensure that your playroom continues to be a stress-free zone that fosters creativity and allows assignments to be completed efficiently.

Factory-made cabinets, shelves and cupboards are often ill-fitting for your playroom, causing you to waste money and space on ineffective storage solutions. By utilizing our customized storage solutions, you can be sure that every toy and art supply has a proper space while maximizing the floor space and aesthetic appeal of your playroom. Enjoy an organized playroom of which you can be proud.

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organising garage

Have you ever daydreamed of having a perfectly organised garage ?

If your household is like most, your garage is one of the most disorganised rooms in your home. From gardening equipment to power tools, your garage becomes the landing ground for a wide assortment of hard-to-organise belongings. By incorporating custom built storage solutions, you can reclaim your garage as a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing space. Not only will this allow for ample room for your vehicle, but it may also provide you with a place that is perfect for work or play, especially on rainy days.

Whether you want to create a custom workspace or you simply wish to restore your garage’s functionality, we offer the storage solutions you need to have a garage of which you can be proud. By choosing custom designed storage solutions for your garage, you can ensure that you make maximum use of your space. While factory assembled solutions waste valuable floor space and may not properly accommodate your belongings, our custom shelves and cabinets are tailored to fit your space and your things. You’ll never have to worry about finding the tools or gear you need, making it easy to complete home improvement and repair projects. From shelves to cupboards, we can provide everything you need to enjoy an organised space.

Custom Shelving
If your garage offers limited floor space, custom shelves are the perfect storage solution for you. A cost effective way to make the most of your wall space, shelves allow you to keep expensive belongings and equipment off the floor and out of harm’s way. Your tools, outside toys, hobby and recreational gear can be attractively and conveniently displayed. Whether you choose to install custom shelves on a small section of a wall, or you decide to install shelves across an entire wall, you can enjoy more floor space in your garage instantly.

Custom Cabinets
Ideal for tools of all sizes, potentially dangerous chemicals, outside toys or anything else that you want to store, custom cabinets are another storage option for any garage. Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours, custom cabinets allow you to create a storage solution that is tailored to the needs of your household. Cabinets also provide the option of lock installation, allowing you to protect expensive power tools or keep harmful chemicals away from children or pets.

With customised storage solutions, you can ensure that your belongings are organised and easily accessible. Whether you colour code your custom cabinets and shelves to provide each family member with storage space for their belongings, or you simply want to get expensive tools off of the ground, we offer a wide range of storage solutions to meet your unique needs.

laundry wardrobes

Designing your perfect laundry space with clever use of shelves and cupboards.

Designing Your Perfect Laundry Space with Custom Features

How much time do you spend doing laundry? Most households require a considerable part of each week spent in the laundry room. It makes sense to invest in this part of your home to make it as useful and functional as possible. When you design or make over your laundry room, you can employ custom shelving and cabinetry to create a space that is perfectly integrated with your family needs.

Custom Shelving

Installing custom shelving is an affordable way to create a well-organised space. Shelving allows you to keep useful items within reach but also stored out of your way. Custom shelving allows you to make the most of all your wall space. If your laundry area is small, shelves allow you to effectively employ the vertical space in your room for storing soap, linens, or other items you store in this area.

Custom Cabinetry

Cabinets are an excellent feature for laundry rooms because they allow you to store items out of sight. You can keep seasonal items stored conveniently as well as extra blankets and linens, detergents, and other items you typically keep in your laundry room. You can even create cabinet stations for each member of your household to store their laundry bins, towels, or other items that belong to them.

To enhance the functionality and organisation of your laundry room or area, consider designing your space with custom shelves and cabinets. You can even choose these features to complement the colour and style of your room.

Creating a great wardrobe for the bedroom

Storing your clothing the right way can make for a relaxed and efficient experience. If you want to always be able to find the clothing you want, then absolutely have to take the time to create a wardrobe space that works for you. This may require creating a wardrobe space or it may simple require redesigning your wardrobe space. There are several things you can do to make a wardrobe space that is easy to use.

Increase access
Think about how you are currently storing your clothing. How much of that clothing can you see and touch at any one time? In an ideal situation you would be able to see and access as much of your clothing as possible at anyone time. For many people this is not the case, but there are things you can do to increase your access to the clothing you want to wear. One great option is to create a walk in wardrobe. This will all you to see and access your entire wardrobe at once. If you live somewhere that will not allow you to create a walk in wardrobe, then consider displaying as much of your wardrobe as possible in a single closet.

Once you have done everything you can to increase the amount of access you have to your clothes, then you should next move towards organizing your clothing as much as possible. There are many different systems of organising clothes, but one of the best ways to organise is to start by organising your clothing by type on shelves and in drawers.

Change the shelving to suit your needs
Everyone has different purposes for their wardrobe. Some people need to store hundreds of pairs of shoes in their wardrobe, while other people have only a few pairs of shoes, but tons of underwear. You have a truly unique purpose for your wardrobe, so you need to customise your wardrobe to suit that purpose. If you need more space for shoes, then you should create a place for your extra shoes in your wardrobe. Failing to do so will lead to loose shoes throughout your closet, which is a tripping hazard for you. If you find that you need shelves for your underwear, then you need to add them. Adding the shelving you need to your wardrobe can be done in several ways. If you own the home, then you can hire someone to build the shelving you want where you want it. This will create a more functional wardrobe in your wardrobe. Designing your wardrobe to suit your needs is a critical step to making the best possible wardrobe.

Setting up a proper wardrobe is an important step in your professional and personal life and it is critical to take the time to maximize your access, organise your wardrobe, and customise your wardrobe in order to create the perfect wardrobe for you.

Designing your dream walk in wardrobe

When you think about the most boring room in your home, your wardrobe probably comes to mind. It’s cluttered, packed with clothes, and hard to keep straight. In fact, if you’re like most people with more clothes than places to put them, your wardrobe might be downright stressful. When your closet isn’t the organised, cohesive storage space you’ve always craved, it’s time to make a change for the better.

Whether you have a spacious walk-in wardrobe or a small space in desperate need of organisation, the right approach can ensure you have the storage space of your dreams. The secret to a great wardrobe isn’t about the space but rather how you use it. Whether you have a design in mind or aren’t sure what it will take to get your clothing and accessories in order, there’s a customized solution waiting for everyone.

If you’re on the hunt for your dream wardrobe, a custom design expert is your best asset. Skilled in maximizing space to meet your unique needs, a professional designer can ensure you implement a design perfectly suited to store your belongings. With the ability to make suggestions, help you choose the right storage requirements, and create the perfect space for everything you own, help from an expert can be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Like any other room, your wardrobe should be designed around what you need to store and how often you need to access it. Instead of making changes haphazardly, create a convenient and straightforward design. Start your redesign by examining what you have to keep in your wardrobe. There’s no need to design a storage system for dozens of pairs of shoes when you have just a few, or hanging space for dresses when you only wear pants. With the proper understanding of your storage needs, you can choose the perfect combination of shelving, hanging bars, drawers, and racks.

If you’ve ever stumbled around your closet in the morning, searching in vain for clothing you can’t find, you understand how important proper lighting can be. You take time to choose the light fixtures in your home’s living spaces, so why would your wardrobe be any different? Instead of settling for a bare bulb, choose a fixture that distributes light completely in order to make sure even the darkest crevices are well-lit. If your space is large, consider smaller lights under shelves or above hanging racks in addition to an overhead light.

The rest of your home is attractive and up to date and your closet should be no different. With a customized design and the help of a professional, the wardrobe you deserve is waiting. Isn’t it time to take your wardrobe from boring to beautiful?